The Overmind

Item #: SCP 2996

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure:
SCP 2996 is to be kept in a 10 meter by 10 meter by 10 meter cube filled with H20. The cube is 7.5 cm thick (3 inches) and made of clear acrylic. The cube must suspended three meters above the ground. No lights are allowed to be shone within the chamber where the cube is kept and there must be guards positioned at the entrance at all times.

SCP-2996 is a large biological enhancement of a brain, stretching 3 meters in diameter and roughly 7 meters in circumference, with a 28 meter surface area. It is spherically composed. The brain like entity was found in an abandoned [DATA EXPUNGED]. When DNA tests were run, no matches were found for any living organism currently populating Earth.

When a human comes within contact of SCP-2996, they experience no physical or mental anomalies for several days but have already become SCP-2996-1. After the the amount of days has passed (varying from person to persons strength of mind) the subject repeats the phrase, "It is part of me" every hour. See Addendum 1 for information on the tests run on SCP-2996-1 at this stage.

After several days of repeating the phrase, subjects begin to have muscular spasms and deprive control of their bodies, again this varies from person to person depending on physical strength and will power. The subjects cannot control when their loss of bodily function happens, so will often injure themselves or others and will also lack the required sleep for an average human.

After 3-5 days of loss of bodily control the subject will vomit multiple times every hour and begin repeating the phrase, "Obey the Overmind." After approximately six hours of vomiting the subject will grow large warts or growths on flesh that is exposed to oxygen. The subject no longer speaks, or no longer vomits. See Addendum 2 for information on the tests run on SCP-2996-1 at this stage.

SCP-2996-1 is now controlled by SCP-2996. It refers to it as the Overmind, and cannot be persuaded into answering questions about it or the state it is in. SCP-2996-1 will only state, "The Overmind is my master, he controls me. "The subject needs to be restrained at this point or it will try to free SCP-2996. See Addendum 3 for information on SCP-2996-1 at this stage.

Addendum 1
SCP-2996-1 will repeat the phrase, "It is part of me" every hour. In between the phrases the subject is unchanged from their original state. No form of medication has yet stopped the virus from spreading and reaching its full capacity.

Addendum 2
No medication works at this stage either, however in recent tests it has been shown that if multiple instances of SCP-2996-1 come into contact they form strong bonds and colonies. It is advised you keep multiple instances of SCP-2996-1 away from each other, as it can cause a lot of problems later.

Addendum 3
If the multiple instances of SCP-2996-1 were not kept away from each other it is possible that at this stage a riot may have broken out. The subjects will not answer any questions and if are not put down, will kill to free SCP-2996.