Pentons draft page

Dr. Agnew: Morning, SCP-XXXX. Feeling better today?

SCP-XXXX: Just a bit of the regular pains. An aspirin will fix it. Your gratuitous testing isn’t helping though. Not to mention that it’s eating into the designated time I get given to spend with Liam.

Dr. Agnew: Are you at least comfortable with conducting our interview?

SCP-XXXX: Yeah, I guess. Fire away. You're gonna ask about him, right?

Dr. Agnew: Yes. Liam ███████. Your owner-

SCP-XXXX: My husband.

Dr. Agnew: …I beg your pardon?

SCP-XXXX: My husband. Yes, Liam is my husband.

Dr. Agnew: There exist no records of such a-

SCP-XXXX: You won’t find any proof of it. We were married when we were kids.

Dr. Agnew: Excuse me? I’m sorry but I’m a tad confused…?

SCP-XXXX: Little kid wedding, lined up his stuffed animals and used a teddybear as a priest. Had to speak the lines ourselves, of course.

Dr. Agnew: So, you used to be a child then?

SCP-XXXX: I was allot of things doc. Still can be too, if I want. But to be less esoteric, A kid was the first thing I was after a while of just being a toy. Despite what the paper says, I didn’t start of as a Miss or a Mister, more of an ‘it’. Just ‘Shapey’. In simpler terms, I started of as a babies toy.

Dr. Agnew: You’re… going to have go into further detail. How did he acquire you?

SCP-XXXX: Alright… I was a Christmas gift, specially delivered Christmas day courtesy of Wondertainment. They bought me for Liam when he was nine. His parents followed the typical rich parents trope of not having time to spend with him. Fortunately unlike normal wealthy people, Mr and Mrs ███████ had connections to Wondertainment and that’s when I came in.

Dr. Agnew: You were purchased as a playmate for him?

SCP-XXXX: More like a distraction! So mommy and daddy’s special little boy had a friend… Trust me, fist hand I can tell you that not all people with Wondertainment connections are friendly. Most can’t risk getting involved with normal people either. We spent most of our time in that big house while Dumb and dumber did… Whatever they were up to. Something to do with auctioning maybe…?

(Dr. Agnew takes note)

SCP-XXXX: I don’t remember, but the gist of it was that they were too busy and Liam only had me as company! They thought they were different from those parents that just left their kids with a normal toy to play with because I could talk and everything… But I was still just a toy! Jesus…

Dr. Agnew: Sounds… pretty infuriating.

SCP-XXXX: Immeasurably. Parenting wasn’t what I was made for. I was made to teach him about fun and all that. Ya know? I knew they weren’t gonna change anytime soon, so I did.

Dr. Agnew: So what were you in the beginning?

SCP-XXXX: When he first got me I was just a sentient magic toy. No ’true form’, I could talk and turn into whatever toy Liam wanted. That's my big gimmick after all. Mister Shapey, a toy that changes and reshapes into whatever you want. Became bounce-balls, a rocking horse, building blocks, those are always disorienting… surprisingly became a doll quite a few times, he always loved pretty things as a kid.

Dr. Agnew: How is it you know what form to take? Perhaps a link to your owners subconscious desires?

SCP-XXXX: Husband. But yes, that’s the general idea. That’s where the doll thing came from. Originally Liam was kind of a brat, which was pretty expected with his parents. Most kids are that don’t learn to use their imagination. That’s where I come in though; I may become what a kid wants but that doesn’t mean they’ll know they want it. You don’t teach kids to lie to themselves, you show them parts of themselves they didn’t know were there. All toys should do that. I’d say I do my job well.

SCP-XXXX: But as time went on though, he needed an actual someone to play with, not just a toy. That’s when I started thinking… differently. I figured my siblings had bodies so eventually, I took on a more fitting; albeit much younger than usual… ‘Mister’ form. (sniggers) The guys are probably gonna have a riot when they see me like this, Sweetie'll probably love it…

Dr. Agnew: Was it difficult to change? I imagine becoming something so different must have been difficult.

SCP-XXXX: It took a while to do at first and it hurt to reshape in a way I wasn’t used to.

Dr. Agnew: Did it ever occur to you that you might have been trying too hard to become something you weren’t meant to be?

SCP-XXXX: It’s by my nature to change, if it’s to please my owner. Some of us are made not to fit inside the box, like Hot or Fish… But as they say, I’m mister Shapey. I’ll change into whatever toy to make em' happy.

Dr. Agnew: by becoming human?

SCP-XXXX: Wondertainments definition of toys has always been broader than normal. A toy in its simplest form is something that brings happiness and it has to be fun, no exceptions. Besides, I haven’t thought of myself in that way for a while. Liam started his first actual job before all this. and I was more worried about where we were going.

SCP-XXXX: Occasionaly… but I’m not too worried about that. They generally say that people lose interest in toys as they get older but from my experience, they either just don’t have the time or just need to move onto something worth their spare time. It’s a part of growing up. I think that’s what I stand for. You lose toys but you never lose the magic they brought. You find it in others.


Item #: SCP-3000

Object Class: (to be decided by author)

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-3000 is currently under Foundation jurisdiction and access to it is forbidden. Any unauthorised vessels attempting access are to be immediately prevented and individuals responsible are to be apprehended. Any non-Foundation vessels which have entered the influence range of SCP-3000 are considered lost, and cover stories of vessels going missing at sea are to be created. Surveillance of SCP-3000 is kept via the installation of deep sea monitoring equipment within its present location. Any changes in the behaviour of SCP-3000 are to be reported to O5 command immediately.

Contained instances of SCP-3000-2 are kept at separate containment Sites. Instances remain in containment chambers designed to accommodate their size and physical properties. Information regarding these containment procedures are accessible only to the instances respected head of containment Site and personnel of Level 5/Phoenix Project clearance.

Description: SCP-3000 is an aquatic organism of enormous size located at the bottom of [REDACTED], an undisclosed location in the western Pacific Ocean. SCP-3000 does not move from its location, appearing to be rooted in place. SCP-3000's exterior biology shares similarities to various marine plant life, notably coral and Anthozoa. Tissue samples taken from SCP-3000's exterior surface show to be partly related to several extinct aquatic plant species, as well as multiple unidentified elements and materials not of Earth origin. These factors have led to the belief that SCP-3000 is extraterrestrial, and to have arrived on Earth at an unknown point prior to recorded history. Interior exploration of SCP-3000 has shown it to contain a partly active central nervous system of great size. Attempts at removing minor samples of this organs mass for study have shown it to be capable of self regeneration.

SCP-3000 perpetually projects a field of influence outwards from itself, capable of activating the properties of SCP-3000-1 instances, at a range of ███ meters. The workings of this influence are presently unspecified, and is established not to be psychic in nature. SCP-3000's anomalous affects are believed to have activated at some point in the last [REDACTED] decades.

SCP-3000-1 is a latent thalamic located in the brain of various species of living organisms throughout the world. When an organism with an SCP-3000-1 instance is brought within SCP-3000s influence range, its instance of SCP-3000-1 will activate and take complete control of the organisms bodily movements (controlled organisms are referred to as SCP-3000-1A). It has been estimated that ██% of all currently discovered species of living organisms on Earth are born with SCP-3000-1. Instances of SCP-3000-1 vary in biology depending on the respected organisms particular brain structure, yet all share the same prime function. Multiple SCPs have been discovered to also have instances of SCP-3000-1.

Once activated, SCP-3000-1 will cause the respected instance of SCP-3000-1A to begin searching for the closest living organism with an instance of SCP-3000-1. SCP-3000-1A instances will attempt to make physical contact with the organism upon locating it. The instance of SCP-3000-1A and the organisms bodies will then experience a significant biological alteration, causing their bodies to lose cohesion and begin congealing rapidly. Instances will then fuse together and become a single living organism (SCP-3000-1B). This process will often take several minutes to complete.

Separate instances of SCP-3000-1B may widely differ in biological structure from one another due to the countless number of organisms capable of forming instances of SCP-3000-1A. Instances will appear as amalgamations of the 1A instances used for their creation. Instances bodily and interior organs and structure will merge together to form single working organs and bodily parts in a way which allows continued living. The biological structure of SCP-3000-1B instances become significantly more complex with each additional instance. All instances of SCP-3000-1B are fully capable of movement and will behave identically to SCP-3000-1A, attempting to locate and fuse with other organisms with an instance of SCP-3000-1.

SCP-3000-2 are large organisms resembling various bodily organs created when a varying number of SCP-3000-1B instances have formed together. Instances are each unique in appearance, and interior biology, which is rather complex and designed to function similarly to other bodily organs. Instances are capable of detecting the whereabouts of SCP-3000, and once completely formed, will attempt to return to it. Instances will then attach themselves to SCP-3000 or other present instances of SCP-3000-2 attached to it, in a way which forms an intricate biological system, with SCP-3000 functioning as the central nervous system. Any remaining instances of SCP-3000-1A and 1B will begin forming a new instance of SCP-3000-2.

Discovery Log: SCP-3000 was discovered by the Foundation in 1974, after a significant drop in marine life was detected within the area surrounding its location. Further investigations revealed that multiple disappearances of sailing vessels and fishing boats had occurred within the same area over the last several years.

Upon investigation, the Foundation discovered several instances of SCP-3000-2 throughout sections of the sea surrounding SCP-3000's location. Foundation sea vessels were despatched in an attempt to contain the instances. Due to no knowledge of SCP-3000's affects, personnel aboard several vessels which had entered SCP-3000's influence range experienced the activation of SCP-3000-1, and began forming multiple SCP-3000-1B instances. Vessels which had remained outside of the influence range were successful in the containment of several SCP-3000-2 instances. All remaining SCP-3000-2 instances returned to SCP-3000's location. None of the formed SCP-3000-1B instances were recovered.

On ██/██/19██, SCP-3000's area of effect was identified and containment procedures were established.

[Documented SCP-3000-2 instance information log. Level 5 Clarence required]

The following document details a number of contained instances of SCP-3000-2.


Instance measures ████ meters in size and weighs approximately [REDACTED]. Several large elongated tubes similar to that of the esophagus are located at the top of SCP-3000-2A, leading to its main section. The interior walls are aligned with large tooth like structures, tubes repeatedly close in and outwards causing penetration of the inner walls. Interior walls of SCP-3000-2As main area are aligned with what is approximated to be a total of ███████ faces of fused SCP-3000-1B instances. Instances consist primarily of known/undiscovered aquatic lifeforms, several species of bird and a number of humans.

Fused SCP-3000-1B instances serve the purpose of producing a highly acidic substance similar to that of stomach acid into SCP-3000-2A via their oral cavities. SCP-3000's outer body does not actually require any nutritional sustenance to function, and continues to produce up to ███ liters of acidic substance daily. Acidic substance is then absorbed back into SCP-3000-2A via merged 1B instances located below the acidic level via their oral cavities. Interior walls of SCP-3000-2A contain a substantial number or various organs created from absorbed 1A and 1B instances bodily organs. These organs continue to function despite the significant strain instances appear to experience from constantly convulsing stomach acid or suffocation experienced from being under the acidic surface level.


Instance measures ████ meters in size and weighs approximately ████kg. instance bares similar resemblance to that of a Shetland Argus (basket star) in outer appearance. Arms of instance are covered in thorn like spikes. When instance is prodded with excessive force, it reacts by shaking intensely as if distressed. Interior size of the instances mouth is much deeper then its exterior appearance would allow. Inner walls of instances mouth appear to be constructed out of intertwined appendages of various animals. Inner walls of instances mouth constantly vibrates and sounds similar to that of incoherent screeching may be heard from inside the walls, measuring up to ███ dB.


Instance measures ███ meters in size and weighs ███kg. Instances shape vaguely resembles a human pancreas. Exterior surface is composed of a hard white material, containing dentin, pulp, cementum and blood. Surface is covered in a multitude of bumps and ridges, each resembling sections of animal and human bodies as if the head and limbs were partly submerged under the instances surface. Exterior surface remains at a constant temperature of 800°C. Rapid movements such as shaking can be heard from inside bumps and ridges. Infrared analyzation has shown the Interior of the instance to be at a constant -430.44°F. Interior is hollow, what appears to be shapes faintly resembling heads and limbs of varying form, can be seen attached to the instances interior walls, perpetually jerking and rotating. Each is directly located on the opposing side of a bump or ridge on the instances exterior surface.



A boogeyman that knows when you know about it, it teleports latches into one person at a time and waits to trap them in the pocket dimension

It makes that person the new boogeyman, as each new one has their mind broken to a point where all they know is to make the new iteration into it. They gain the abilities at some point in the pocket dimension, being in the dimension changes their biology over time

Those affected by it often report it always being the same shape, some slight differences to its form and composure, that foreboding atmosphere practically oozing into wherever they are. But still the same as always, yet just different enough to keep the fear fresh enough

with much difficulty as you can imagine. Always remaining in whatever twisted shape they first saw it in. A very typical yet affective approach of all great horrors we know, always remaining in its simplest most

A reason lost to time, there was a reason for what it does at one point, but it's lost behind the countless others who have taken its place, with minds twisted beyond comprehension that only know what they must do, but not the reason they do it.

Adapting to your evolving fears as you get older, becoming what you begin to fear new things, more than what you had years ago, the death of a loved one or that lump on the side of your neck even what religions tell you will happen if you don't accept Jesus.

It reaches a point where it feels like these misfortunes are clearly more than just terrible mishaps which have stumbled upon you, are too awful in such specific ways, and with each time one begins trudging its way to you unexpectedly, you feel a presence, a vibe that something is going to happen, like the feeling you have when someone is behind you who you have not seen, who may not even be there. you start to get the inkling feeling that something is watching you, that something is there at all these times, orchestrating these events for a reason too incomprehensible for you to grasp but there must be a reason.

A boogeyman for a child may take the form of a monster in a closet but fear grows and adapts along with ourselves, taking a less direct form and becoming certain concepts, theories things with no real form. A boogeyman for adults.

The fear twists reality to cause your worse fears to slowly begin to occur in subtle ways like the death of a loved one or that lump on th side of your neck or what religions say to you if you don't accept Jesus.

With a kid it remains as a monster in the closet

As an adult your fears follow you all around and that boogeyman is always watching
You'll eventually reach a peek in your hero sort and look at the foot of the bed or behind the door, check the place you never dare look, the place you decided never to go, because why would you want to see that thing? All of your worse fears made true, all returning once more, and this time you're facing them dead on, and your stuck there with it, There's no guarantee what's there whether it be a ingle monster or and entire separate world you'll end up in, containing all your fears, where you're reduced to a cowering child begging for its mother, his things realm, its place of living which you were never meant to go, only glimpse at as tiny peaks of your misfortunes

Fear always finds a way, it is relentless. And if it cannot reach you, it will r arch others for perhaps that is part what it is. Fear, what other motivation could it possibly have?

What we do know is there's a connection between the the amount of 3000 cases and appearances of instances

Facing Fear in its purest form alters you not just mentally, but amalgamated you physically
But facing it directly in its purest for changes toy physically, changes who you are, how you think, until you're the same as itself, until nothing is left of you but the things you saw, you felt when you decided to experience it head on in its purest form

Working for the foundation makes these fears come true
Personnel fear scps
Log ofbscientist

Their best is a bedroom it's SCP-3000

Young - safe
Alan - hole

At this point the vessel entered the influence range of SCP-3000. All remaining crew members are seen to suddenly cease moving. Due to the affects of SCP-3000, excessive rocking of the vessel and the breach on deck, Agent Alan is seen letting go of the rails before losing balance and falling into the formed hole. Remaining SCP-3000-1A instances on deck begin walking towards SCP-3000-2’s appendage and tightly embrace it.
The former agent Kings helmet mounted camera shows the elongated face on SCP-3000-2’s appendage opening its mouth, revealing multiple flopping tongue like muscles vaguely resembling various fish. Face appears to stretch from its point on the appendage and engulfs former agent King. Several seconds of darkness and the sound of sizzling metal can be heard before ending.

//During this time, Agent Young’s camera feed showed former agent Young inside the vessel attempting to

the one fear we can't remove permanently is that it'll keep coming back.

SCP-XXXX was discovered in ██████, Minnesota, United States, on 05/12/2017, by Foundation operatives after local authorities reported an individual with a tattoo baring the phrase “Gamers Against Weed" wondering aimlessly throughout the town. Witnesses were given amnestic treatment and SCP-XXXX was detained with no issue.

SCP-XXXX is a recurring phenomena manifesting within the dreams of specific individuals. SCP-XXXX appears to affect individuals that regularly perform acts that are generally considered selfless and in a broader sense 'heroic'. SCP-XXXX appears to manifest more often in individuals who experience poor self-esteem or feel that their own achievements are of little value.

Subjects that have experienced SCP-XXXX will usually express new found confidence in themselves and awareness of the positive effects their actions have had on others. Subjects will gradually forget the dream but It is rare for SCP-XXXX to effect the same person more than once.