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Item #: SCP-5549

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Online traffic regarding the FIRST1 Robotics Competition is to be monitored by Foundation agents on the dates of competitive events. Mentions of non-existent teams or descriptions of individuals matching SCP-5549-B are to be flagged, and Foundation agents are to be dispatched to the relevant events to evaluate possible SCP-5549 influence.

If an event is found to be affected by SCP-5549, covert influence is to be used to disqualify SCP-5549 from competing. Should information about SCP-5549 become widespread, disinformation campaigns and/or amnestics are to be used on affected populations.

Descriptions: SCP-5549 is the designation used to describe a phenomenon affecting competitive events of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Affected events are usually at the regional level, although district events have been affected, and in █ instances, world championship events have been affected. SCP-5549 consistently appears as an additional non-existent robotics team (hereafter referred to as SCP-5549-A) which has been scheduled to compete. SCP-5549 manifests suddenly, approximately three hours before the event is scheduled to begin. This is when SCP-5549-A anomalously appears on print and digital copies of the competition's schedules, and when SCP-5549-B appears.

SCP-5549-B appears as a student, claiming to be a member of SCP-5549-A named █████ ███████. A non-anomalous person with the name and appearance of SCP-5549-B exists and has been designated POI-5549. It is not known if POI-5549 is, or has any relation to SCP-5549-B. SCP-5549-B also responds to the nickname "Dr. ███████" when said in a highly intonated, strongly voiced manner. SCP-5549-B is always the sole member of SCP-5549-A to attend affected events. SCP-5549-B always arrives at affected events by means of a heavily modified motorized longboard capable of carrying a trailer containing the necessary materials to set up and compete at the event, including a custom-built robot that abides by all regulations for the year's competition.2