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Outdoor portion of SCP-GGGG-C.

Item #: SCP-GGGG

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-GGGG-A is contained in a climate-controlled vault in the visual media wing of Storage Site-56. Individuals who wish to access SCP-GGGG-A for research purposes must have written approval from the presiding Site Director.

Foundation-operated web analysis bot Gamma-46 ("GENEBGONE") is to be kept in constant operation and checked for defects twice a week by a Level-2 staff member. When functional, the bot will seek out and suppress any information relating to SCP-GGGG-A and determine the identity of the individual responsible for the information breach. Any non-foundation SCP-GGGG-B discovered are to be administered Class-B amnestics and released.

Description: SCP-GGGG refers to a set of interconnected anomalous phenomena associated with an anomalous video recording, designated SCP-GGGG-A. [FURTHER DATA ACCESS RESTRICTED–SEE BELOW]

WARNING—Documentation pertaining to SCP-GGGG-A has been flagged as a Type-3 infohazard and may only be viewed by researchers assigned to SCP-GGGG.

SCP-GGGG-B are individuals who are affected by an auditory and spatial anomaly when isolated in an enclosed space. After a brief amount of time alone (usually between 30 and 45 minutes), the subject will hear a heavy knocking on the door (or other entryway barrier) nearest to them. This phenomenon, for the purpose of this document, will be referred to as the Initiation Event. For 15 minutes following the Initiation Event, the passageway will lead to an extradimensional space designated SCP-GGGG-C. Once 15 minutes have passed since the Initiation Event, anomalous activity in the passageway will cease.

Interior portion of SCP-GGGG-C. SCP-GGGG-D is visible in the background.

SCP-GGGG-C is an anomalous location that closely resembles Michigan Central Station, a passenger rail depot and 18-story tower hotel that operated from 1914 to 1988 in Detroit, Michigan. SCP-GGGG-C is in roughly the same state of dilapidation as its counterpart; however, the anomalous duplicate appears to be fully independent from the original structure, as changes to one do not affect the other. SCP-GGGG-B subjects entering SCP-GGGG-C will find themselves entering from a different point in the structure every time the area is manifested, but video recordings of expeditions within the area have shown that the layout of the building remains consistent between manifestations.

If a SCP-GGGG-B subject enters SCP-GGGG-C, they can continue to wirelessly communicate with the outside world and exit the building normally within the 15 minute period after the Initiation Event. Once this period has ended, all communication with the subject within SCP-GGGG-C will be abruptly cease. No SCP-GGGG-B subject remaining inside SCP-GGGG-C after the conclusion of its manifestation has been discovered during subsequent expeditions.

SCP-GGGG-D are humanoid entities resembling American singer, dancer, and film actor Gene Kelly. These entities, when able, will perpetually perform a dance routine while singing a song entitled Sunshine Meadows. Most instances of SCP-GGGG-D are non-hostile and will ignore subjects present within the area.

Addendum: The following is a transcript of the standard1 lyrics to Sunshine Meadows.

Set aside your sadness up on a shelf
Cast off your grief and forgive yourself
Let joy and gladness set you free
Take a stroll through sunshine meadows with me

When the world seems a terrible place
When your life feels like a hopeless case
I know a place you'd rather be
Walking 'long through sunshine meadows with me

The clouds of gray don't hang around there
There's flowers aplenty and cool clean air
Take a leap of faith and take my hand
I'll show you a joyful, restful land

I thought love had passed me by
Thought I was destined to mope and cry
But now I'm gay and full of glee
Come away to sunshine meadows with me

Follow suit, and come take a jog through
Come on now, you know you want to
Don't resist, it's all you can do
Lose yourself in sunshine meadows with me

Exploration Log:

Subject: DGGGG08, a 38-year-old Brazilian male of athletic build.

Procedure: Subject was given a 3-watt LED flashlight and fitted with a head-mounted camera programmed to wirelessly stream live video footage to Site 56.

Document Log:

Document GGGG-01 is the transcribed contents of the handwritten found attached to SCP-GGGG-A at the time of its recovery. Document GGGG-02 is a transcription of the note discovered by DGGGG08.

Document GGGG-01


The film has been rendered harmless. Do not be alarmed—I have, at your instruction, refrained from destroying it completely. However, I have altered it in such a way that I do not believe it will pose a threat to anyone anymore. I had to sacrifice some rare footage of Kelly, but he now serves the eternal guardian of those halls.

The world appears to you when you know it, and it appears differently when you know it differently. If you'll pardon my immodesty, I think my solution is pretty damned clever.

Still, for good measure, I'd advise you to remain on your guard when the knockings come.

Let us never speak of this again.

Document GGGG-02

Get out right now before your door closes
If your door has already closed then it's too late just kill yourself
if you don't kill yourself one of those tap dancing mother fuckers will EAT YOU WHOLE and you will FEEL IT and you WILL NOT DIE, EVER!!!
If you get out my name is ████████ Steele2 from ████████████████, my girlfriend's name is ██████ North and I love her with all my heart. i'm so sorry, this is my only chance.
Good luck

Incident Report:


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