Personel Tracker's


Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures
SCP-XXX-1 is to be in the center of a 13 by 13 by 20ft room. Around the top of the room is barred 1 way glass to observe SCP-XXX-1. The room is to be kept at less than 65 degrees at all times. The walls and floor are concrete with air coolers in the corners. To enter the room personnel must go down a small elevator and then through a double air lock with code locked steal doors. The air locks and elevator are to be kept at least 10 degrees below the room at all times. No more than 5 personnel may be inside or within 5 feat of SCP-XXX-1. If the rules about temperature and amount of personnel close to SCP-XXX-1 are followed than a breach is impossible if an expedition is not occurring. There are to be at least 4 security personnel in the observation room at all times in case of breach. Scp-xxx-1 was previously held in a furnace to destroy instances of scp-xxx-2 but only made them occur more, this caused many breaches and fatalities. When the new measures were discovered it was changed from Keter to safe.

SCP-XXX-1 was discovered when the foundation investigated people going missing during spring and summer in a small mountain in the town of XXXXX, Oregon. This alone was not enough to attract the foundation until an entire search party made up of police officers went missing as well. A squadron was sent to find out what was causing this. They returned with heavy casualties and the survivors were injured. They had been attacked by what would be later deemed SCP-xxx-2. A larger team was sent with more weapons and detailed plans based on what previous survivors said about SCP-xxx-2 and the geography of the mountain. They returned with only half of their original numbers with SCP-xxx-1, more were sent to wipe out what instances remained of SCP-xxx-2 and erase any evidence of those who went missing.

SCP-xxx-1 is a 4ft by 4ft by 4ft rusted metal crate. A small ladder on the side allows personnel to climb in through the top. Inside it is an infinite system of rooms and walls that changes every time the crate is opened. Despite the amount of rust on the crate it is indestructible and will not cause any sickness if an open wound is exposed to it. If the lid is open or containment rules are broken than Scp-xxx-1 will begin to produce scp-xxx-2.

Scp-xxx-2 is a often described as a bipedal dog with black scales standing about 5 feet long. The arms are out of proportionally long with long thin curved claws estimated to be a foot long. Scp-xxx-2 stands on double jointed legs with 4 clawed toes. The tail is long and covered in barbs. The shape of the face is similar to that of a husky but is smooth and has no features. Despite it scp-xxx-2 still seems to have the ability to hear and see personnel and make screeching sounds. Scp-xxx-2 will attempt to get to areas of higher temperatures and attack any humans in proximity. Even if scp-xxx-1 is locked or sealed scp-xxx-2 is capable of breaking those locks and seals and yet not even cause scp-xxx-1 to vibrate, or become scratched, or dented.

Scp-xxx-3 is theorized to be people who died or got trapped in scp-xxx-1. Instances vary but there are a few constants. Scp-xxx-3 are always distorted and mangled yet it mostly does not affect mobility. The skin is transparent with veins and arteries visible. The eyes are often misshapen and have no pupils or irises. The jaw and mouth are almost always distorted, most of the time similar to a leach or eel. Structures can be formed at random, such as finger and toe nails poking from the skin, eyes across the body, or tails formed from skin and muscle and potentially other limbs, there is no known reason why this occurs but it happens at random, some may have no structures and others will have them to where the body is covered. scp-xxx-3 will wander scp-xxx-1 with no known patterns or tendencies. It will attack anyone who gets within 5 feat of it even if scp-xxx-3 was not aware previously, and if it is aware still must be within range but it extends 7 feat and may follow them in some cases.

expedition 1
1 D-class personnel equipped with bullet proof vest mask and light protective gear, A 4 inch knife, a 20 caliber gun with 40 rounds, and enough water and specially made bars in where 3 will provide an average person for a day to last 3 days. Papers and pencils to create maps, camera affixed to chest, and headset to communicate with a control team.


0:00:01: Class-D(170) enters scp-xxx-1.

0:00:24 Camera shows steal hallway with many wooden doors to more rooms and halls.

0:01:34: 170 reports a smell of hydrogen or a similar gas. However when a second D-class was sent in to collect some gas it was the same air as in the room.

0:05:07: A sound of walking is heard down a hallway, 170 goes the other way despite control warning him to stay and be silent.

0:06:08: 170 finds a plant growing from a crack in the floor, he is ordered to collect a sample an put it in a container.
0:07:00: 3 instances of scp-xxx-2 escapes scp-xxx-1. All are terminated and scp-xxx-1 is closed. All communication with 170 instantly lost, when re opened and a security personnel is sent in, only to find the halls and patterns have changed.
Expedition ended
Note: On further expeditions the lid may only be closed if the control team or higher class researcher agree to it or the subject is presumed dead and or without and samples/information.