Petrograd's Sandbox

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-4000 instances are to be maintained on redundant RAISA Onto/Temporal-Isolated Servers and encoded in the Solid Archive during the next write-accessible interval. Foundation historians are to monitor academic outlets specializing in history and literature for newly uncovered SCP-4000 instances, which should be removed from circulation, archived, and replaced with approved forgeries.

Any individuals claiming to have encountered SCP-4000-A are to be detained and fully debriefed. Their statements may be designated SCP-4000 instances at the discretion of the Lead Researcher. Affected Foundation personnel may be designated E-Class until their pre-divergence biographies can be confirmed.

Foundation satellite reconnaissance and intelligence networks are to monitor for any locations matching the description of SCP-4000-A. The O5 Council is to be notified immediately if any locations significantly resembling SCP-4000-A are located.

Effective 3/26/1979: No resources are to be allocated to locating SCP-4000-A.

Description: SCP-4000 refers to a number of pseudohistorical narratives, written histories, and personal statements centered around a mythical civilization, city, or location. These accounts range from the classical period to the late 20th century. SCP-4000 instances differ widely in format, style, and language, but display a number of shared attributes.

  • Instances describe a location that contains objects of great value to the author or characters in the narrative.
  • No physical evidence exists for any of these locations, with the exception of other uncorroborated historical narratives.
  • Narrative always include SCP-4000-A.

SCP-4000-A refers to an unidentified facility in a variable but always remote location. Descriptions of the facility aggregated from SCP-4000 accounts suggest that this facility is over 2 km2 in area and follows construction patterns roughly matching standard [REDACTED] practices circa 2███. These accounts contain anachronisms in construction methods, security practices, and proprietary technology with sufficient detail to represent a Class-IV information security breach.

Containment of SCP-4000 was taken over in 1979 from the Vatican Holy Office for Secrets and Prophecies1, who viewed SCP-4000 as a theological infohazard related to Solomon's Temple. From the 3rd to 20th centuries, the Holy Office and predecessor organizations contained SCP-4000 instances by covertly mass-distributing alternate rumors and documents that lacked references to SCP-4000-A. See attached documents for prominent examples.

After the Foundation assumed containment responsibilities, a search of Foundation archives produced several additional SCP-4000 instances in the form of personal statements and intelligence debriefings. These instances are also attached below.

Additional Documents