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Item #: XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, a 2 km area surrounding the structure will be quarantined using a standard security perimeter. All unauthorized personnel found within the perimeter will be detained, debriefed, and administered class 2 amnestics.

Teams tasked with guarding the perimeter of the anomaly will be rotated once every six months, assuming that no other containment requirements will be compromised.

Any new instances of SCP-XXXX-1 are to be documented. Records of existing instances of XXXX-1 are available upon request.

No contact is to be made with the anomaly without permission of one Level 3 staff member.

Description:SCP-XXXX is a mortuary of ancient design. The grounds measure approximately 2km2.

The interior of SCP-XXXX is dedicated to a single monument, and a table with a single book resting on top. Both are in surprisingly good condition. There is an inscription on the tombstone in the traditional form of Avestan. The stylistic age of the carving dates it to the 1200's. After extensive efforts, a transcription has been provided.

On this, the [NO TRANSLATION FOUND] of the first year of the Fall, let it be known that our God has been slain. His death cursed this land. Even now, the curse spreads, changing all it touches. Many people have become servants of the curse. Born of the fracture. Let this monument stand as a warning to those who come. Those foolish enough to enter the fracture will fall.

Excerpts of the book are included below.

XXXX-1 respond to questions in a limited fashion. Any questions about the structure or history of the people in the book will be answered, as well as some questions about the god. Questions asked XXXX-1 instances along with answers are listed below.

Any damage sustained by XXXX will be repaired by XXXX-1 entities. Any attempts to interfere with the work of XXXX-1 result in a violent reaction. XXXX-1 assaults the subject, inflicting severe cuts wherever the entities touch flesh, until the subject expires.

Knowledge of SCP-XXXX came to the Foundation following a string of disappearances of several children from a town near C██████. An embedded team near the location was dispatched to investigate. Reports from the agents regarding an anomaly prompted immediate response from the Foundation.

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