Item #: SCP-#

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to recent re-locations concerning SCP-#'s containment, standard containment protocol has been changed in order to ensure no further containment breeches. The current site in which SCP-# is being kept has been put under constant military surveillance. In sight of recent activities, SCP-# is considered Keter including it's nature which is constantly adaptive. With this new information, retrieved thanks to Dr. Belle's research (see Addendum), containment procedures need to be changed often and accordingly.
No personnel ranked under clearance level 4 are allowed on-site. Also, no personnel under clearance level 5 are allowed inside the site complex. All military personnel must be supplied with equipment needed at all times, with no exceptions. Military personnel must change shifts 4 times a day and personnel on-watch will not be given brakes during their active shift. In case of injury sustained on location during an active shift, the next available guard must take the place of the previous guard, immediately.

All personnel in charge of SCP-#'s containment will be reminded of the importance concerning SCP-#'s safe containment, followed by standard lecture, should said personnel be less efficient on-duty.

Description: SCP-# is seemingly humanoid in appearance, though, possesses physical differences to a normal human subject. SCP-# is, roughly, 7.5 feet tall, weighing in at approximately 335 pounds. It possesses strange [DATA EXPUNGED]. It's anomalous effect constantly changes in order to re-fit it's environment. During this adaptive session, SCP-# completely changes it's responses to certain materials, temperatures and physical damage. This adaptive cycle was named "genetic trans-configuration" by Dr. Belle and lasts no more than 5 minutes. There is a 1 month gap between each cycle and SCP-# always inherits new properties after each cycle has finished. After each cycle, SCP-#'s new properties represent new danger to it's surroundings, hence the constant change in containment procedures.

Addendum: Dr. Belles research notes were documented for safe-keeping by 05 officials. The following are certain notes of interest that are given to all personnel in charge of containment.

-March 16. 19—. No one is allowed access to SCP-#'s containment chamber, anyone within too close range to SCP-# will be subjected to it's violent behavior, as well as it's anomalous properties.Since we are not allowed access, we must conduct experiments via observation through camera feeds and sensors. So far, nothing useful has come up that would tell us the proper way of containment. SCP-# also does not possess the ability of speech, therefore, we are unable to extract the information concerning it's origin and intent.

-April 8. 19—. We lost a total of 6 personnel to what seemed to be a change in SCP-#'s nature. On top of that, we lost the containment chamber it'self including most of the building. I wasn't present during these events, however, my inquires on the events have gotten me some interesting knowledge on the subject. Apparently, those present during the critical situation claimed that the building started to "melt"; it began inside SCP-#'s chamber and spread through most of the building, killing 6 personnel. SCP-# has never shown this ability before. Once stability is ensured, we will move SCP-# to a new location and I will continue experimentation.

-May 8. 19—. During routine check-up, SCP-# experienced another cycle of "change" concerning it's influential properties. Somehow, SCP-# was able to generate a gravity distortion field within it's vicinity. This caused the containment chamber including nearby surroundings to degenerate, and thus, another chamber was lost and another 2 lives were claimed. It seems that it takes exactly one month until SCP-# goes through the series of changes. I will continue study on this particular SCP as it seems to be the largest known and immediate threat.

June 8. 19—. Yet another section lost. Nearly lost my own life. SCP-# is scheduled for termination on July 9. The 05 administration do not understand that by then it will be too late; SCP-# cycle takes place on July 8. I will see to it that the 05 administration allow for termination to take place before the next cycle now deemed *genetic trans-configuration*. Genetic because after each cycle SCP-#'s genetic structure changes to a new, unknown formation.

June 20. 19—. SCP-#'s termination has been canceled. I don't know what 05 is thinking but if they think they can completely change containment procedures each month, then, by all means. I will step down from experimentations on the subject. God only knows what kind of trouble SCP-# will cause in the future.