Phoenix Solace

Item #‘SCP 3902, W.D. Argent.’

Class: Safe (can become keeter at any time)

Containment procedures: ‘Scp-3902’ is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at site ██. ‘3902’ is allowed standard amenities, plus a pull-up bar for exercise, as its muscle mass deteriorates slightly faster than a human’s will. It is to be served six times daily, (learn from your mistakes, don’t give this thing any cold meat products. Seriously, you’ll poison the thing) All meat is to be heated, as cold meat causes ‘3902’ to go into cardiac arrest. ‘Scp-3902’ is to get at least one hour of direct sunlight a day, any less will cause it to lose fatal amounts of body mass. ‘Scp-3902’s cell must be between (ill transfer these to the metric system eventually) 70-113 degrees Fahrenheit. At temperatures less than 70 degrees, ‘3902’ will get what appears to be frostbite, and its internal organs will start shutting down after seven minutes time. Anything above 120 degrees and it will suffer a heatstroke. ‘Scp-3902’ must have a blood transfusion once every two months, any blood type will suffice, but only one type at a time.

Description: ‘Scp-3902’ looks like a standard human being, but with jet black skin. ‘3902’ possesses a pair of bifocal glasses, which it has been allowed to retain, as they seem to help with its vision impairments. ‘Scp-3902’ has a slit on each wrist, from which a blade of unknown makeup can extend. The blades rank ten on the Moh’s hardness scale. CT scans reveal that the blades are stored in ‘3902’s arms, folding at the inner elbow. Scans also reveal an inorganic structure within ‘3902’s head, as well as wires running from it to all parts of the body, following its nerve structure. This device seems to aid in mental functions, as well as allow ‘3902’ to connect to compatible systems via a wire port on the back of its neck.

Special Procedures: ‘Scp-3902’ must have a medical team with it at all times. ‘3902’ is not allowed anywhere near Dr. ████ or Dr. █████. If ‘Scp-3902’ is reporting any sort of abnormality, medical staff MUST be alerted immediately, regardless of whether it’s assigned staff know of the issue or not. As of incident ███, ‘Scp-3902’ may request that its sleep patterns be monitored, and following incident ██, ‘Scp-3902’ can, with a written confirmation document from its medical team, choose to opt out of certain testing due to medical reasons.

Medical information: This is a full list of ‘Scp-3902’s medical information. ‘Scp-3902’ suffers from: astigmatism, myopia, a possible onset of dementia (it says this is normal, but as of now no other instances of ‘Scp-3902’-like objects have been found, so this statement cannot be verified), arrhythmia, possible scoliosis, and an eating disorder which does not fall under any recognized disorders, but this does not present much of a problem to ‘Scp-3902’.

Anomalous properties: ‘Scp-3902’ is able to discharge an electric charge of 50,000 volts through direct contact. ‘3902’ is able to control this. After discharging, ‘3902’ is visibly weaker, possibly due to a loss of static electricity in its body.