Phoenix Solace| Penumbra Corporation
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The jungle air was thick and hot. A thin mist hung just below the canopy, obstructing the view of anything above. I walked through the jungle, as silent as an owl's flight. In front of me was a figure, clad in a sleek white suit of armor. This was no ordinary armor, however, it was made for combat in any environment. Outer space? No problem. The depths of the ocean? sure. Anywhere. But on the nape is a weak spot. A small, small point, where a knife could slide soundlessly into the wearer's neck, killing them. I unfolded my ballisong and sliced his neck, severing the man's spinal cord. He would die eventually. I picked up his weapon, a silenced assault rifle of some kind. I continued along the path, silently making my way closer. eventually I came upon a vehicle. it was a transport van, and it looked like something under the hood couldn't take the heat. The driver sat inside, two men were standing by the back of the truck, looking at whatever was in the bed. It was like a pickup, but with higher sides and a tarp over the top. The hood was popped up, and someone was working on something under it. I was inside the treeline across from them. The road was simply a dirt path cut through the vegetation, and I could use that. Dirt would soak up the blood. The people were wearing white uniforms with orange accents. they had no visible body armor, but I couldn't take any chances. I climbed up a tree and into the mist. I was invisible. I could barely see them, but i knew where they were. I dropped down next to the two men behind the truck. I grabbed one of them and smashed his head onto the bed of the truck. The other man tried to scream, but I pulled him towards me and covered his mouth and nose with an oil soaked rag. The fumes would suffocate him. After he was dead, or unconscious, I didn't really check, I grabbed a pistol he was carrying. It was probably a USP, but with a silencer. I made my way to the front of the truck and shot the man working on the engine. The man inside opened the door and stepped out. He was carrying a carbine, and a powerful one, but I shot him before he had a chance to use it. I went to the back of the truck and climbed in. Inside was mostly weapons, bearing the orange and white logo of Penumbra corporation. To the back, however, was a few glass tubes, about the size of a bird cage, full of a purple liquid. The liquid was pure cosmium, an alloy found naturally in meteors. It was the only natural alloy, and it was strong. stronger than titanium, in fact. They were probably going to use it to make more armor. I grabbed one tank and strapped it to my back. The rest I shattered. Once I finished, I had realized the error of my ways. Shattering the tanks created noise. The jungle was silent, even the animals were quiet, and every Sentinel, as they're called, has amplified hearing. Any one of them in the are could have heard, and will likely be heading my way now. Sentinels are super soldiers, but only because of their armor and training. But I still couldn't stand up against one of them. I bolted for the tree line, and just in time, too. Bullets whizzed by me, which means that if it was a Sentinel, they didn't know about the slaughter. They were just warning shots, trying to scare me off. Once they got to the truck, however, they would see the bodies, then come hunting for me. I kept running. Maybe if I got far enough away they wouldn't chase me. After about three minutes I ducked inside a cave. I was out of breath, tired in general, and worried. A sentinel found the truck and saw the bodies. By now the head of Penumbra would have gotten wind of this, even if it wasn't a sentinel shooting at me. The tank on my back was heavy, and with the liquid sloshing and my tired body, I could barely stand. I unstrapped the tank from my back and rested it on the ground. I would have to move deeper into the cave, or risk being seen. but by now I was to tired. I couldn't let my self drift into sleep. I would be found and killed. Or worse. I grabbed the tank by the makeshift straps and dragged it deep into the cave. after hiding it properly, I let sleep take me.

I awoke to see spotlights. I almost screamed, but I realized that they hadn't found me yet. I got up and silently ran deeper into the cave. I could still here them talking, but I couldn't discern words, I just heard the sound of their voice. I waited, and soon they came closer, this time I could hear words. "Nothing back here."
"Check further down."
"Will do."
Their armor muffled their voices, and added some outward static, making them significantly harder to understand. On their helmets was a row of small spotlights, used to illuminate things (obviously). The light was getting brighter, and eventually i could here his footsteps. I didn't know how many of them there were, and they would realize if I killed him. I strapped the tank on my back and grabbed a flashbang from my belt and thew it around the corner at the main group. It went off and I bolted for the cave mouth.

I ran for the better part of an hour. The search team didn't pursue me, and I was getting ever closer to the facility. By now I could see the place. there were tall, white, skyscrapers, jutting up from the canopy. The complex had a beach next to it, and after the beach was sparkling, clear, water. Penumbra Corporation was used for genetic/medical/technical research, and it was based out here to avoid disrupting life in the city, and regulations were nonexistent out here. This facility is illegal, however, as it was placed on Terran territory, without permission. This was in direct violation of the peacetime treaty. The treaty was put into place to end the fighting between the two species. Or at least reduce it to a corporate level. By now there was a race for technical superiority. Humans and Anthromores. Who could build the biggest building? Humans. Who could make the biggest gun? Anthromores. Who could make the best armor? The fastest vehicle? The biggest space station? You get the idea. Both species are native to this world, we evolved together since the beginning of time, in fact. I could see the wall. It separated the complex from the outside jungle. The wall was made of pillars of high-grain steel, titanium, and aeromer, a form of aerogel. On the sides of these pillars were slots, and aerogel was projected form them to create a barrier. I grabbed a device from my belt and placed it onto one of the pillars. It sparked from underneath and then short-circuited. It was designed to overload itself and whatever it was attached to. The aerogel was still in place, but with the magnetic field keeping it in place gone, it was little more than a glorified pane of glass. I slid it up and crawled underneath. Once inside I bolted for the wall of the refinery building. On my belt was a small explosive. Despite its size, it could level the entire complex. The goal wasn't to destroy it all, just enough to scare them off. I dropped it into a waste bin. This way they would take it and dumb it into the refinery core, creating an explosion powerful enough to level the refinery.

~~Begin log.
The refinery exploded at roughly 3:50 A.M. An unidentified explosive device had been placed in a waste receptacle, and was dumped into the core. The west section of the wall was obliterated, along with the Hydroponics repair facility. The flora gene lab was scorched in the blast, and several samples were knocked off of shelves and destroyed. Security footage was unrecoverable. The facility will need to be repaired, and heavier guard will be instated. Research and development will continue.
End log~~