Lost in the Viewfinder

Item #: TBD

Object Class: TBD

Inventory Charter::

* SCP-TBD One (1) JVC VideoMovie, VHS/C, GR-C1E
* SCP-TBD-1 One (1) JVC Brand VHS Tape Labeled "Christmas 1985"
* SCP-TBD-2 One (1) JVC VideoMovie Battery Pack

Containment Procedures: SCP-TBD is to be stored in standard hard plastic bodied case (commercial grade) with foam padding protection to prevent shock and damage to SCP-TBD. Proper tagging should be attached to SCP-TBD at all times, and plastic casing should have all appropriate labels. Included battery pack, SCP-TBD-2, is to remain detached from SCP-TBD. SCP-TBD should only be checked out personnel after appropriately notify and obtaining permission from containment management staff.

Description: SCP-TBD is a "JVC VideoMovie, VHS/C, GR-C1E" home movie camcorder circa 1984. SCP-TBD was recovered from [STREET ADDRESS AND CITY REDACTED] Tennessee, United State of America. Agents were notified through reports circulating of a "Ghost trapped in a camcorder" by local news papers and TV stations in 1994. As per standard procedures agents have scrubed all media recording and documents of the object with in the justificatory levels. It's believed that the object came into the possession of it's last owner sometime between 1990 and 1991 though no receipt or any information from how the owner obtain the camcorder could be ascertained during the inital investigation.

Research Report:
After SCP-TBD was brought to Site 19 initial research was started by Dr. Lucan Alexis and two assistants. The research team initially investigated the contents of the camcorder and discovered a VHS tape was still in the device. The tape's contents were view and transcribed by Dr. Alexis' assistants. A technician approved playback device was used to view the contents of the tape.

Report SCP-TBD-RR-#00242001
0:00-0:23 Several seconds of white noise at the beginning of the tapes play back.
0:24-0:32 Scene appears of heavily distorted scene. Appears to be filmed inside small room, though not much more can be determined due to tracking distortions.
0:33-1:12 More white noise on video. Several clicking noises can be heard during the period.
1:13-10:32 This appears to be the beginning of a recorded Christmas Eve celebration. Several subjects appear in throughout the recording. Subject #1 Caucasian male approximately 12 years of age. Subject #2 Caucasian female approximately 80+ years in age. Subject #3 Caucasian female approximately 15 years of age.
During this period in the recording a Christmas tree is shown with the subject sitting around in conversing happily. No audio appears to be available during this portion of the recording. None of the subjects in this recording match the visual profile of the "Anomaly". Based on the attire of the subjects it’s believed that this was recorded sometime in the mid-1980s. Based on the model of camcorder it fits with that description.
10:33-59:00 Recording returns to white noise. During this audio is also static.
59:01-60:00 The white noise switches to an all black screen. A slight hum is audible during this period.
60:00-49:75:20 Screen continues black with slight audible hum, though at this point the tape is beyond the manufactures maximum time length. Though the playback device does not indicate that it has reached the end of tape. Inspection was made by several members of the technical staff and the playback device appears to be in working order. The tape reals continue to spin and the tape appears, by visual observation, to be continue moving but has no sign of ending. Removing the tape and inspecting shows that there is still tape at the end of the reel. No amount of turning the tape causes it to reach the end. Tape can be rewound back to the beginning. Tape playback was observed for a little over two days with no change from black screen with hum.

The purpose of the tape or why it appears to have no end is still unknown at this time. Further analysis is required.

Although the tapes meta-physical properties are intriguing to the research team it’s the camcorder which appears to be the host of what is being called the “Anomaly”.

The “Anomaly” in the Viewfinder:

While powering SCP-TBD from an external voltage supply the research team began to investigate the contents of the viewfinder on the device. The following report describes the initial observation made by Dr. Alexis.

Report SCP-TBD-RR-#00322001
Camcorder appears to be operating normally. Although nearly 20 years old SCP-TBD is in remarkably good condition.
When first looking through the viewfinder on SCP-TBD it appeared as though it was a normally operating camcorder. Nothing note worthy for the first couple of minutes of looking through it. It wasn’t until pressing the record button that we got our first gimps of the “Anomaly”.
As soon as recording is started on the SCP-TBD the view finder changes to display a blackened outline of a humanoid figure. When I first observe red this creature it appear as though it was on the far end of the research lab. Standing and tilting it’s head observing it’s environment. It appears to have the height and shape of small child roughly two (2) to three (3) years of age. The “Anomaly” could only be observed through the viewfinder of the camcorder while recording. It began to explore it’s surroundings like a curious small child. It walked with a slightly abnormal gait and a childish unbalanced movement, such as a hurt toddler, as it explored the room.
Any attempts to get the Anomaly’s attention failed as it appears to mostly ignore the people in the room, although it does still appears to respect the room, people, and contents physical presence. The Anomaly was never observed passing through any people, objects, or walls.
The Anomaly appears to be placed into a kind of stasis when the camcorder is no longer recording and exists within a fixed origin to the position of the camcorder. If the camcorder stops recording and then return to recording it appears as though the Anomaly has lost the time in-between. Also moving with the camcorder causes the Anomaly to be “dragged” along as though it’s entire spacial coordinates where moving it along against it’s will. Even though the Anomaly appears to slide while the camcorder is moved it still is unable to move through objects, simply being left to be pressed up against the walls of the laboratory pressed by the invisible force.