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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a furnished bedroom containing the normal necessities found in middle class bedroom for a female around the age of 18. A desk with a small lamp and a computer with limited access to the internet should be supplied to keep it entertained. A bed should be supplied and furnished with cotton sheets, three pillows and a small white teddy bear with a red nose in order to keep it from entering an emotionally distressed state. A dresser should be placed and bolted on the opposite side of the room containing brightly colored clothing. To ensure that the SCP will be able to be in viewed when entering a state of emotional distress, cameras are to be planted in all four corners of the room and hidden by a one way window. A one way window is also to be installed around the bedroom in order to check it's mental state.

It is to be fed daily, if this daily feeding is somehow disrupted, a D-class personal suffering from moderate to severe depression should be let into its containment area. —Under no circumstance is the SCP allowed to be given a D-class personal who has recently taken anti-depressants unless we face a possible breach. If the subject is to be emotionally distressed beyond it's normal point, it morphs into a vaguely female figure with many arms and tendrils extending out of it's body — In case SCP-XXXX is unable to be sated with D-class personal while in this state, SCP-XXXX is to be brought to it immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Greek-Mexican female who was originally found in Texas, (███) on January 14 2███. It was found in an psych ward for the mentally disturbed. Foundation personal were notified of SCP-XXXX after a sudden spike of people suffering from mild to severe depression without any probable cause arose. Originally it had been assumed to have been due to a recent serial killer spree but no evidence of such a person in the town was found. The inability to find the killer and apparent "specters" these victims saw before hand are considered the source of this sudden spike.

Spectral forms of various shapes and sizes were sighted to have been stalking people. These ranged from phantom pets (these hallucinations are to be labeled as SCP-XXXX-2) to people suddenly appearing from no where and attempting to harm individuals. This constant emotional stress (along with the unusual murder spree) is believed to have been the reason of a sudden spike in individuals with mild to severe depression.

SCP-XXXX when not emotionally distressed displays no anomalous effects aside from it's constant urge to "feed". This urge to "feed" can be sated by giving it a minimum of 6 kg of food which can range from raw fresh fruits and vegetables to fresh bloody meat. At no point should the food be laced with sedatives unless it is needed to enter a distressed state in which SCP-XXXX-2 will appear around it and haunt the one who had fed it.

If SCP-XXXX is to enter a distributed state, it's appearance will change to that of a black wispy human reminiscent to it's hallucinations with the exceptions of a loud and audible "sigh" similar to that of a female experiencing sexual bliss. Why this may be the case is still unknown but is believed to be why it's always tempted to enter it's distressed state. Further testing is needed to understand how and why SCP-XXXX is capable of these unusual anomalies as well as why it requires people suffering from depression to be sated when disturbed. Tests are also being run to see if it is capable of being sated by people suffering from other mental disorders. Possible interview is scheduled on [DATA EXPUNGED].

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