SCP-2987 'Mer-Colossus'

Item Number: SCP-2987


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Due to SCP-2987s large size, a 6mi radius of arctic ocean and ice is to be monitered by a collection of heat and motion sensors.During testing a boat is to be driven up to the location of SCP-2987 During testing a helicopter is to drop test subjects to SCP-2987.

In the event that SCP-2987 enters within 2km of the border a boat containing 0.7 tonnes of fish is to be sent to direct SCP-2987 away from the border, if this fails a mobile task force is to be sent to subdue SCP-2987 and carry it back to the center of the radius.

SCP-2987 is a large aquatic humanoid mesuring 40m in length.It's face consists of a large mouth no eyes as well as internal ears and a small nose similar to that of whales,It lower appendages consists of a large fluke and it has 2 muscular arms with 5 long fingers.

SCP-2987 has phenomenal strength having taken down multiple blue whale in a fight, it is omnivorous and will eat any organic matter it comes across. SCP-2987s anomalous properties occur when SCP-2987 enter a terrestrial environment, when SCP-2987 is removed from water it's fluke will split into two fully functioning legs capable of bipedal movement, X-rays confirm that until out of water the fluke consists of a fluke with the same anatomy of modern whales.

After Incident 2987-a the 05-council is considering upgrading SCP-2987 to keter status.

Incident 2987-a:
After SCP-2987 successfully breached it's containment border, it managed to destroy the boat the mobile task force was on, killing most of the crew. The wreckage was found torn open and the remains of the Mobile Task Force members were never found.