Item#: SCP-2759



Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Instances of SCP-2759 are to be kept in a well lit 3x3m standard pet enclosure. Twice a day a class D personnel is to place 1.5kg of standard cat food and 350ml into their respective bowls, each week a class-D personnel is to be sent to clean the litter tray and provide new cat toys for SCP-2759 to play with.

SCP-2759 is a group of 4 black cats (genetic testing shows that they are part of the same litter) of unidentifiable breed, they have a playful disposition and will circle around any humans entering its containment chamber and attempt to get its attention.

When any human comes into contact with an instance of SCP-2759 for more than approximately 30 seconds the person (hereby referred to as SCP-2759-5) will appear to have 'bad luck' with the 'bad luck' getting progressively worse over time time until SCP-2759-5 encounters a life threatening situation and dies.

Testing confirms that SCP-2759 can affect multiple subjects at a time, as such only one class-D is to be used for maintenance per week then SCP-2759-5 is to be terminated to prevent the possibility of a Euclid or Keter level containment breach.