Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be held in the "Insects and Similar Creatures" wing at site 67, whether being tested on or being stored. SCP-XXXX are to be fed a steady supply of twenty laboratory mice each every day. In an instance of a breakout, valves that release insecticide have been installed in the halls in and leading up to the wing holding SCP-XXXX.

While capturing SCP-XXXX in the wild, standard bug equipment such as a face net and rubber gloves is to be worn. No skin is to be visible while attempting to capture SCP-XXXX. Because SCP-XXXX have been proven to team up with each other, SCP-XXXX should be transported in steel cages separated from each other.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a collective term for a type of insect similar in appearance to a standard roll of Scotch brand magic pressure sensitive tape, with all indication of a brand removed. SCP-XXXX's skin, organs, and exoskeleton is semi-translucent, giving a glossy, plastic like look. The only parts of SCP-XXXX that aren't translucent are it's teeth, and the sticky web-like material it creates. Lab testing has shown it's webbing to be non-anomalous silken webbing. It is currently unknown if SCP-XXXX's appearance as roll of tape is purposeful or coincidental.

SCP-XXXX does not have limbs, and moves by shooting the "tape", which is actually a webbing that is only sticky on one side, and pulling itself forward by retracting it while stuck to a surface. The webbing SCP-XXXX creates is comparable to steel in terms of strength. The webbing cannot be removed by hand. A surgery has been designed to remove SCP-XXXX's webbing, but leaves permanent scarring. SCP-XXXX itself is very weak, and can be killed with a small amount of force.

SCP-XXXX can most often found in forests and swamps in rural Georgia, America. SCP-XXXX do not seem to have a consistent diet other than being carnivorous. There have been seventeen incidents where SCP-XXXX have killed a human, and are listed in the incident report. SCP-XXXX hunt by swinging itself from branches and trees via it's webbing. SCP-XXXX has proven to be able to move with high speed and grace despite having poor eyesight and low brain function.

When SCP-XXXX has spotted it's prey, it shoots a long strand of it's webbing onto it's prey. SCP-XXXX first wraps itself around it's prey, immobilizing it. Once down, SCP-XXXX covers the face of it's prey and smothers them. SCP-XXXX then waits for it's prey to fall unconscious, and creates a web around it regardless of size. The largest web created by SCP-XXXX was approximately 8 m² on Andy █████, Charlotte █████, and Robby █████. SCP-XXXX hauls it's victims upward to the highest surface using it's webbing. When outside, SCP-XXXX will use the nearest sturdy wall. Following this SCP-XXXX will either abandon it's prey until it is hungry or eat it then, depending on when it's last meal was.

SCP-XXXX then excretes an acidic substance through an own known means from it's webbing and absorbs it's prey. SCP-XXXX has a large diet, consuming on average 400 White Tail Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) a year. A single white tail deer takes SCP-XXXX 3-4 days to eat. SCP-XXXX consumes it's victims in their entirety, including teeth, bones, antlers, hair, and bodily fluids.

SCP-XXXX aren't social creatures, and often hunt alone. SCP-XXXX has never been observed reproducing, and does not have sexual organs. This implies SCP-XXXX is being created rather than have formed naturally. This is coupled by the fact that there are no records of SCP-XXXX existing prior to 196█. The life cycle of SCP-XXXX very long, the oldest in captivity being 54 years old as of 14/7/20██.

Addendum-XXXX-1: Incident report

Victim: Ernest ███████

Date: 2/12/68

Summary of incident: Mr. ███████ was discovered on the roof of his dining room at 6:38 PM. His wife, Annabelle, was preparing dinner and had to go to a local grocer after running out of vegetables. Ernest struggled for approximately four minutes before passing out, died three minutes later. Annabelle came back and dialed 911. Now standard cover story "Unfriendly Neighborhood" used.

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