Plant based life-form

Item #: SCP-3459

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3459 is to be contained in a 10mx10mx3m cell made out of wood and other plant-based building materials. SCP-3459's 'room' should always contain the following: 1 oak desk, 1 laptop personal computor, 1 shelf containing 24 bools of SCP-3459's choosing, 1 king sized matress, 1 bed frame to fit said matress, and 1 miniature fridge filled with whatever soft drinks, energy drinks, or otherwise sugary drinks SCP-3459 desires.

SCP-3459's room can be entered by any personel class C or higher if they have been admited permission from atleast one of the on site researchers or gaurds, aswell as SCP-3459 itself. SCP-3459 should have atleast one whole cooked ████████ delivered to his container once fortnightly, for its consumption, although smaller meals on a nightly basis is permited.

Description: SCP-3459 is a 1.75 meter tall humanoid creature made entirely out of a plant-based material. SCP-3459 appears to be able to manifest multiple limbs most similar in appearence to ██████ Vines. the groeth rate of SCP-3459 appearers to be [DATA EXPUNGED] times the normal growth rate of any known plant species. Most of, if not the entirety, of SCP-3459's abdominal cavity appears to be hollow, mostly used for digesting food, although the possibility of other uses is entirely possible. Despite the fact that SCP-3459 is a plant based creature it does not require sunlight, as it has adopted an entirely heterotrophic life-style, eating pretty much any organic material the foundation permits it to consume.

SCP-3459 is the direct off spring of SCP-3459-1, who had been terminated in the process of creating
SCP-3459. SCP-3459-1 appears to be the same type of creature as SCP-3459, although bark type differs from SCP-3459. SCP-3459-1's bark type looks as if it is related to █████ ███, (█████ ██████) where as SCP-3459's bark type looks as if it was related to Paperbark Maple. (acer Griseum) SCP-3459-1 was found on June the 3rd, in a forest 17 miles south of ████████ Brazil, after several missings persons reports were filed and strange noises were heard in the area. A team of 6 foundation personel were sent out to the forest to investigate and upon none of them showing back up a team of 16 men was dispatched. The new team found 3 of the missing personel missing headless whith large gaping holes in their chest where there heart should be, although autopsies later revealed that their hearts were completely missing. SCP-3459-1 was found not too far from the corpses, consuming one of the bodies of the fallen personel whole through a large gaping hole in its abdominal cavity. To quote one of the team members: "That thing was fucking scary. ████ and I came across it first. It was eating one of the bodies. A bunch of tiny fucking vines wrapping around the poor dead guy, twigs shredding what was left of him as they pulled him in." The members gathered around the feeding SCP in the tree line and called in for a transportation team. SCP-3459-1 saw a few team members and had slain 2 of the team members before the rest of them could subdue the SCP. We quote one of the members, ████, mentioned earlier, as saying "The thing shot out vines at speeds of what seemed to be ██mph, punching through their sturnum, and killing them almost instantly. We're lucky we made it out of there alive, let alone with the thing in haul."

SCP-3459-1 breached containment 2 months after its capture and relocations to site ██, during its escape SCP-3459-1 managed to kill 7 people including 4 researchers and one of the janitorial staff. During the breach one of our security staff managed to land a 'fatal' shot on SCP-3459-1, where upon it ran out of site of all surounding personel and security. SCP-3459 was fund in a desolate hallway screaching like a dying woman and attempting to tear off one of its arms. upon successful separation of the arm from the body, SCP-3459-1 vomited a green fluid onto the arm and threw it on the ground. SCP-3459-1 vomited more green fluid onto it. After finishing up emptying its insides, SCP-3459-1 proceded to slump over and die. The arm left behind by SCP-3459-1 proceded to grow into an infant form of SCP-3459-1, which then grew into SCP-3459. SCP-3459's bark changed entirely somewhere after its █th birthday. SCP-3459 has show to be capable of all of the following: complex problem solving skills, complex human emotions, peaking the English language, empathy for humans and other animal, and even, for a couple of months, a relationship with SCP-████. SCP-3459 has shown to have all of the [DATA EXPUNGED] although it chooses not to use any of them. SCP-3459 is now 2█ years old, and enjoys: playing computer games; drinking MONSTER ENERGY, █████ orange, any kind of lemonaide; consuming pringles and cardboard boxes.

Addendum: No other known instances of SCP-3459-1 have been out in the wild, how ever there is still a possibility.