Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be contained in an enclosed space made of steel replicating the natural habitat of the Alligator Mississippiensis, or American Alligator in Containment Site ██. The chamber and its electric generators are to be checked for any compromises in structural integrity monthly. Object is fed 10 pounds of bird, fish, and frog meat daily. Any personnel entering SCP-XXXX's chamber are to be equipped with sufficient body armor and suppression apparatus. No personnel at any time should attempt to interact with any instance of SCP-X-1 (See Addendum 2).

Description: SCP-XXXX is a male American Alligator weighing 408.233 kilograms, and measuring 4.2672 meters long. Medical diagnostics and tissue sampling reveal no irregularities in SCP-XXXX's physiology.

Upon coming in contact with a smooth surface, SCP-XXXX will vanish for approximately .24 of a second, before reappearing as two-dimensional upon the surface. SCP-XXXX's bodily functions, size, and general appearance do not change upon entering this state. When two-dimensional, SCP-XXXX can freely move on any flat surface large enough to contain its form, appearing to use swimming as locomotion. Due to observations of SCP-XXXX entering its two dimensional state when in surprise or fear, it is thought that SCP-XXXX uses its trait to escape from perceived threats.

After SCP-XXXX changes form, spacial wormholes manifest on the floor (referred to as SCP-X-1) where SCP-XXXX had been before its transformation. Instances of SCP-XXXX-1 function as openings to a spacial anomaly, designated as SCP-X-2. SCP-X-2 is presumed to be an extradimensional location. Navigation and tracking equipment immediately fails upon entering SCP-X-2. Testing has been conducted to investigate SCP-X-2.

Addendum 1: SCP-X-2 Exploration Logs

Objective: Gather information on SCP-X-2
Procedure: SCP-XXXX created an instance of SCP-X-1 and was moved to a temporary holding cell. D-9427 is equipped with a camera and communication device, then lowered into the SCP-X-1.
Results: Camera displays a pure white landscape. D-9427 is told to explore, but states that she is incapable of moving left, right, or sideways, only backwards and forwards. D-9427 is retrieved through a rope.

Objective: Gain further understanding of SCP-X-2
Procedure: SCP-XXXX created an instance of SCP-X-1 and was moved to the aforementioned holding cell. D-2420 is equipped with a camera, communication device, then lowered into the SCP-X-1.
Results: Camera shows no change in landscape. D-2420 is instructed to move forwards. After 5 minutes of walking, D-2420 reports a persistent feeling of being watched and requests to return. Request is approved and D-2420 is retrieved through a rope.

Objective: Further document SCP-XXXX-2 and its properties.
Procedure: SCP-XXXX created an instance of SCP-X-1, SCP-XXXX was moved to its aforementioned temporary holding cell. Two D-Class Personnel (D-2491 and D-8735) equipped with cameras and communication devices are lowered into the SCP-X-1.
Results: Camera shows same landscape as previously recorded testing. D-2491 and D-8735 are told to move in opposite directions from each other. After 3 minutes, both claim to hear heavy breathing behind them. SCP-X-1 closes earlier than predicted, and testing is aborted. Contact with D-7391 and D-8735 ceases, with D-2491 and D-8735 being deemed lost. Further testing with SCP-X-1 wormholes has been postponed.

Addendum 2: SCP-XXXX Incident Log

Incident XXXX-A: 8/14/████: At ██:██, communications with D-2491 and D-8735 suddenly reopened. Communication consisted of 10 minutes of screaming and [DATA EXPUNGED] before contact was lost.

Incident XXXX-B: 8/15/████: During routine maintenance in SCP-XXXX's chamber, an instance of SCP-X-1 opened despite SCP-XXXX being in a separate enclosure. A thin fleshy pulsing growth was loudly ejected from the SCP-X-1 instance, spewing blood and rotten mucus onto nearby janitorial staff. The growth proceeded to spontaneously detonate, showering the chamber with fecal matter and viscera, as well as instantly killing █ of the nearby staff members.

9/2/████: Investigation of salvaged tissue from from Incident XXXX-A has revealed it to contain traces of D-2491 and D-8735.

Incident XXXX-C: 4/24/████: Following an electronic failure, SCP-X breached containment.