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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX shall remain in secure storage under armed guard at Site 19 in a standard Safe-class object storage unit. At the instruction of O5, Security may deploy SCP-XXXX to secure a breach of any other contained anomaly.

SCP-XXXX shall remain in secure storage at Site 7 in a standard Safe-class object storage unit. No personnel shall open the unit except under the advisory of Oversight, and only for testing purposes. Under no circumstances shall any person expose a member of Oversight to SCP-XXXX, nor shall any member of Oversight permit such exposure. Any personnel involved in testing must first receive psychologically screening for ability to discount "obvious" and "self-evident" fact. All personnel involved in testing of SCP-XXXX are advised that SCP-XXXX is of no use or effect in the containment, control, or nullification of any anomaly.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a child's blanket, 1.4 meters square and colored blue. It is frayed and worn in areas. It has scattered stains from urine, blood, secretions from SCP-████, and chocolate milk. There is a rend in the fabric close to the center consistent with a stab from a knife, and a deep bloodstain surrounds the injury.

Local police discovered SCP-XXXX in Antwerp, Belgium, in an urban home. It was found wrapped around the corpse of a child. Police reports indicate the child wrapped himself in the blanket in the center of his room when burglars invaded, and one of the burglars stabbed him to death without the child struggling. Foundation personnel recovered it from evidence after intercepting suspicious memoranda circulating about it.

SCP-XXXX can nullify the effect of any anomalous phenomenon, usually by physical contact. Draping it over the anomaly is the most effective mechanism. The full extent of this effect is unknown at this time. It has the ability to "normalize" the speed of light, behavioral psychology, and a diversity of other effects, despite the lack of any connection between the various effects. SCP-XXXX is effective against any other item contained by the Foundation at this time.

SCP-XXXX induces into anybody who perceives it the belief that it is an effective solution to any immediate problem or crisis. The person will believe sufficient evidence exists to convince them, despite the only evidence being the appearance of the item itself. SCP-XXXX has no actual use beyond that of an ordinary blanket. The illusion is pervasive and absolute. The blanket's effectiveness against immediate problems is unquestionable to anybody perceiving it.

People who simply discount the "self-evident," "obvious," and/or "conclusively proven" fact of its effectiveness can behave as though it is an ordinary blanket, but to this point, no person who perceives SCP-XXXX actually believes that it is ineffective. The effect does not wear off on its own, but subsequent evidence or persuasion coupled with separation from SCP-XXXX will eventually overcome the effect.