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SCP-XXXX's host location.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation contacts within the governments of Bhutan and China are to ensure conflict in the border region continues. Contacts within Buddhist organizations are to ensure the spiritual significance of SCP-XXXX's host location is maintained.

Foundation personnel stationed on the peak are not to broadcast to any wavelengths not designated solely for Foundation use. All emissions from the XXXX Research Base are not to be visible by the unaided eye from a minimum distance of 8 kilometers. There is to be no vehicle use within a 10 kilometer radius of the mountain.

Personnel above Class D are to rotate out of SCP-XXXX duty on a monthly basis. This rotation is to be incremental so as to maintain a continuous research body on the peak. Once removed from SCP-XXXX's effective range, these personnel are not to return under any circumstances.

No manned exploration of the tunnel system housing SCP-XXXX is to take place1. D-Class testing has been approved so long as the individual does not rotate out of XXXX duty following the experiment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an entity located within Gangkhar Puensum, a mountain on the Bhutan-China border. Due to ongoing conflict in the region and the mountain's spiritual significance, Gangkhar Puensum has yet to be officially summited. The only individuals to have reached the peak are Foundation personnel. Knowledge of these ascents has been suppressed.

Gangkhar Puensum is permeated throughout by a series of tunnels of varying dimensions. The only known entrance to the system is an opening on the peak of the mountain. Extensive drone mapping and sonar probing has charted the system to a depth of 950 meters beneath the peak. The location of SCP-XXXX itself remains unknown, though it is theorized to be at the nadir of the system based on the scaling of the field's strength. Remote surveillance and stone samples have determined the passages to be artificially constructed, though carbon dating tests are inconclusive.

SCP-XXXX issues an anomalous form of low-energy radiation in all directions. This radiation's intensity decreases with distance and resistance. SCP-XXXX's emissions act on all forms of life with a central nervous system. The radiation permeates throughout the nervous system, making small-scale neurochemical adjustments. These changes result in complete, permanent immunity to all memetic influence, including amnesticization. Within the tunnel system, changes manifest in an average of 3 hours. On the peak, an approximate time of 3 months is required.

SCP-XXXX was discovered in 1946 when Researcher Dechen Wangmo traced its location from local legends2. Suspecting a potential anomalous influence as the basis of the myth, Wangmo organized a covert expedition. Geiger counter readings revealed a low-strength radiation field that increased in intensity with depth in the cavern system. Exposure tests failed to detect the expected symptoms of exposure to ionizing radiation. Manned expeditions followed, along with extensive testing to determine the field's effects.

Addendum XXXX.1: Report following Incident XXXX.1

Date/Time: 31/9/1947, 0300 Hours (estimated)

Location: The peak of Gangkhar Puensum.

Casualties: 1 MIA/AWOL (presumed KIA)

Summary: In the predawn hours of 31/9/1947, Head Researcher Dechen Wangmo vanished. Tracks in the snow led from his tent to the entrance of the tunnel system. Five days' rations and a 700-Lumen flashlight disappeared from the local inventory at the same time. All of Wangmo's personal effects were left in his tent. Manned exploration of the tunnel system failed to uncover a trace of his movements. After 30 days elapsed, Wangmo was presumed dead.

Addendum XXXX.2: Expedition/Test XXXX-22 summary

Date: 14/2/2018

Objective: Determine the impact of SCP-XXXX's radiation field on a subject with Glioblastoma and further map the tunnel system.

Procedure: D-486209 is to be sent within the tunnel system. The subject is to be exposed hourly to a mild memetic agent until it has no effect. The subject's status is to be reported via a direct communication line between it and test personnel on the peak. Following communication of the time elapsed, D-486209 is to continue exploration.

Subject Background: Malin Eriksson, classed D-486209 for the purposes of Test XXXX-22, was a Foundation employee in the Linguistics branch. She worked as a language teacher, primarily for field agents, for 31 years. Her cancer diagnosis forced her into early retirement in October of 2017. Shortly following this, she volunteered for testing regarding SCP-XXXX.

Results: D-486209 was rendered immune to memetic influence by Hour 103.

On Hour 19 of the test, D-486209 failed to complete the scheduled transmission. Repeated comm hails failed to elicit a response. After 10 hours, D-486209's status was updated to MIA. The surface group maintained regular radio hails for seven additional days, monitoring the line for any communication, at which point listening staff was reduced.

On Hour 242 of the test, a distress transmission from the tunnels was picked up by all receivers present on the peak. Analysis of the signal's strength estimated it to have come from approximately 1600 meters below sea level (9170 meters beneath the peak), deeper than remote exploration of the cave system had reached. This explained the lack of transmissions, as the standard communication device given to D-486209 was of insufficient strength to reach the peak from such a depth.

Data obtained from the distress transmission is currently under review by on-site researchers. It has yet to be determined if the information provided is accurate or an invention of the subject. Requests for further expeditions are pending.

Transcript of Distress Transmission:

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