Item #: SCP-XXXX-J

Object Class: Not a SCP KETER

** Special Containment Procedures:** SCP-XXXX-J must be kept contained within a locked 5 by 5 meter chamber at all times. The walls on the chamber should be 6 inches thick with surrounding 3 inch titanium sheeting. There must be constant surverlance in and around SCP-XXXX-Js chamber. At any time shall SCP-XXXX-J breach containment it will become the Foundation's main priority, and must do anything possible order to re-contain it.

Description: SCP-XXXX-J is a black cube with a width and hight of 5 inches. The surface has smooth and straight engravings of unknown symbols.

SCP-XXXX-J causes people within a mile proximity to belive that it is the most dangerous SCP, and causes people who are further away to think that it has no anomalous behavior.

-Why are we wasting our materials containing a CUBE that has no anomalous properties, the purpose of the Foundation is to contain anomalous creatures and objects, NOT to waste money containing cubes, do not let this happen again. -Dr.████

// Dr.███ due to SCP-XXXX-Js growing power I would reccomend to give it maximum security. I don't think we are doing enough to prevent it from breaching, God if that happens. -Agent ██████