SCP-3904 (The corruptor)

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 must be kept contained within a 15m by 15m containment cell in site ██, with thick steel plating on the walls. A high level frequency must be constantly played in SCP-4000's chamber, under no circumstance should the frequency be ceased. In case of power outages backup power must be immediately be restored to the chamber.

No security cameras are allowed in the chamber, heat, and motion sensors must be periodically monitored to ensure that SCP-4000-2 does not attempt to start a containment breach. Sensors must be reinstalled every 3 months. If a containment breach occurs, SCP-4000-2 will be the main priority of the facility.

No personnel are permitted within the chamber, with the exception of Class-D personal for testing and the replacement of security cameras. All personal replacing the cameras in the chamber must be notified to never look at or communicate with SCP-4000. Testing can only be supervised using heat and motion sensors.

Description: SCP-4000 is a tall humanoid figure composed of an unknown matter. SCP-4000 spends most time in a solid form, but converts to a gaseous state when any organic matter is in its range of vision. SCP-4000 emits an aura of darkness making it's glowing dark red eyes the only visible feature to any creature in it's proximity.

SCP-4000 has been found to be sentient, and has an IQ of 153. It shows extreme hate and violence to all organic life and will attempt to kill anything living that enters it's chamber. SCP-4000 has communicated with many personal in many ways, these include verbal, physical and telepathic. Personnel who speak with SCP-4000 experience extreme insanity, many become suicidal, and others exhibit extreme amounts of violence.Viewing SCP-4000 has the same effect.

SCP-4000 can be contained within SCP-4000-2, a small wooden and copper lock-box. SCP-4000 can be contained inside SCP-4000-2 only in its gaseous form. When captured inside SCP-4000-2, SCP-4000 will attempt to corrupt any life within a ██ proximity of the box. Any corrupted life will attempt to break into SCP-4000's chamber and release it, using violence if necessary. This has caused many containment outbreaks. Using a high-level frequency weakens SCP-4000's corruption area by ██.

SCP-4000 was brought to the Foundation's attention when ███ █████ found SCP-4000-2 in an abandoned mine-shaft, and reported it to the Foundation, his resilience to SCP-4000's origin is still unknown.

Experiment-6: 6/24/█, Subject D-███ was sent into the chamber, and was informed to look at SCP-4000 before he was immedatly

6/25/█: Subject's stress levels increase, and develops paranoia.

6/26/█: Subject's heart rate increases, and stress levels continue to rise.

6/28/█: Subject dies of heart failure.

Experiment-15: [DATA EXPUNGED]