Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Previous attempts to capture XXXX have failed and as such a perimeter has been set up around XXXX's previously known positions masquerading as a privately owned ranch. A 2.5 meter wooden fence has been erected around the edge of the property with sign posting indicating strict no hunting or trespassing rules. The fence is to visually inspected once every 2 months in order to fix any break ins. Civilians that do cross the fence are to be assumed deceased and are not to be searched for. Even if the missing person(s) are visible from the breached section and attempt to contact you, do not return contact or attempt retrieve them.

XXXX has been shown to be docile when unprovoked and has no recorded attempts of trying to escape it's enclosure. If repair on a section of enclosure is necessary, have at least one person keeping track of ambient temperature and if the temperature drops more than 8 degrees in a minute immediately abandon progress and do not return until at least 24 hours later.

Special Containment Procedures: XXXX is a entity that appears to belong to that of the Cervidae family, however the exact species is unknown. XXXX possesses a large mass of antlers and eyes atop its head. How it functions with such a massive weight on its neck is unknown. The entity possesses command over bone structures of not only itself but of other creatures as well and is how it is assumed the abnormal growth was created in the first place. It also seems to have some control over the life functions of itself and other creatures but this is not yet entirely understood.