Octagonic Sandbox

A Republika Srpska paramilitary force assembles outside Sarajevo on May 5th, 1992. Photographer unknown.


Object Class: Safe (Presumed)

Special Containment Procedures: The building in which SCP-XXXX is located is to be marked as condemned, and guarded by at least one (1) armed guard. All personnel are advised to keep a minimum distance of three (3) meters from the known edge of the sphere. A white line has been drawn to demarcate the limit of the sphere, with nickle alloy balls used to mark the extremities in mid air.

Foundation web Crawler LUXOR-12 is to be active at all times to detect Nefertiti n' Ramses episodes released to the web, and all other descended material. Investigations into the creator(s) of the series and their association with SCP-XXXX is to be given a Level 3 priority.

Description: SCP-XXXX is perfectly spherical region of space approximately 8m in diameter, located below the ground floor of an abandoned office building in the outskirts of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. SCP-XXXX appears to affect all objects that exist within its outer limits, causing them to experience time at a rate of approximately 28 microseconds per hour that passes outside of SCP-XXXX, which classifies SCP-XXXX as a Type 7 Local Temporal Anomaly, with a CLAT (Current local Anomalous Time) being dated to either the 14th or 15th of March 19931. There are eleven (11) distinct subjects within SCP-XXXX, catalogued below.

  • S1 - S3: Three subjects, identified as Jovan ███████, Radovan ██████ and Vladimir █████, three infantry men of the Yugoslav's People's Army who were official reported as MIA during the Siege of Sarajevo. All three subjects appear to be wearing worn clothing similar to uniform worn by JNA infantry men, although dissimilarities indicate the men may have been paramilitary. All three men are seen standing side by side with shouldered Zastava M70 assault rifles with removed iron sights, pointed towards S4.
  • S4: Mustafa ██████, a 21 year old man wearing Bosnian military uniform. S4 appears to have had his arms and feet bound, with a burlap sack covering his face and leaning against the far wall of the cellar. SCP-XXXX-1B is also seen wearing a necklace ending in an amulet resembling an Egyptian Eye of Horus. Further analysis shows that the geometric center of SCP-XXXX is centered at the amulet.
  • 2: 3 7.62x36mm bullets at variable positions between SCP-XXXX-1A - 3A and SCP-XXXX-1B. In the eight (8) years since SCP-XXXX's discovery, the bullets have moved 3.3mm from their first observed position.
  • 3: Two 7.62x36mm bullet casings, slightly worn, currently in mid flight appearing to have been ejected from Vladimir and Radovan's guns. Jovan's casing was found outside of SCP-XXXX, theorized to have been the first ejected due to Jovan's bullet being 23cm further forward than the other two. Casing used as evidence for objects being able to escape SCP-XXXX.
  • Other Subjects
    • A common housefly (Musca domestica), seen in mid flight with wings in the "up" position. Subject appears to have been alighting from Radovan's shoulder when the anomaly manifested.

All subjects whose faces are visible vary in appearance. Vladimir and Radovan's appear particularly neutral, with Jovan's being described as having a small amount of fear/disgust, due to his heavily squinted eyes and down turned lips.

Initial analysis of SCP-XXXX reveals that an impromptu firing squad had been formed by the three men to execute Mustafa. However, for reasons that are currently unknown, a temporal anomaly formed after all three guns fired. The bullets within the anomaly are currently 3.1 meters from Mustafa, and 2.4 meters from the barrel of each Zastava M70. Due to the bullets incredibly slow speed, it will take up to 7272 years for the bullets to finally impact Mustafa. Current ballistic calculations have concluded that two bullets (fired from the weapons held by Vladimir and Radovan) will impact the upper torso, with the remaining bullet impacting his head below the nostrils. Due to the likelihood of the bullets hitting vital organs, Mustafa would be fatally wounded if the bullets were allowed to continue on their predetermined path.

Any object which comes into contact with SCP-XXXX will also be affected by the time disparity. Due to this, retrieval of the subjects within SCP-XXXX is impossible.

The consciousness of the four subjects, however, appear to operate outside of SCP-XXXX's temporal affects, allowing them to be self-aware of the large time disparity between the two points. Any subject possessing a brain that approaches SCP-XXXX within 3 meters of it's outer limit will experience an instantaneous telepathic connection. Subjects describe experiencing a visual and auditory hallucination where their surroundings change completely. The hallucination is described as a typical western living room, occupied by two entities at a time. Subjects describe the entities as resembling the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Nerftiti (18th Dynatsy) and Ramesses II (19th Dynasty). Subjects describe the two entities engaging in a series of antics and behaviors found often in generic western television sitcom "A-Plot". Further research shows that the hallucination is identical to episodes of Nefertiti n' Ramesses.

Nefertiti n' Ramesses is a web series produced by an unknown group of people and posted to the internet on various sites at weekly intervals. The series is live action and contains the two entities2 who occupy the "A-Plot" of the series. The "B-Plot" of the series is occupied by entities identical to the four subjects located within SCP-XXXX. Each episode is approximately 20 minutes long, and involves all six subjects living together in a fraternity whilst attending "Thebes University". All action and dialogue takes place in the living room, and the camera has never moved from its position on at the eastern wall, and has only ever panned or tilted. Occasionally, the light coming through the living room window will red shift slightly, with an Eye of Horus appearing on screen for 3 seconds.

All episodes are posted from an IP address from Cairo, Egypt, but no creator has ever been found. Examples of episodes have been posted below.

Vladimir, Radovan and Mustafa are seen seated in a room at a round wooden table. A window is seen, with landscapes corresponding to a region in ████████, Albania. Further analysis shows that the building the subjects are in is Mustafa's childhood home.

Vladimir: What's through that door?

Mustafa: Home

Radovan: But this is your home?

Mustafa: It was, in the past. That is my home (Mustafa points towards the door). We go through it, we'll find Jovan.

Vladimir: He's not dead?

Mustafa: No, just home. All of us can go home.

Radovan: But the Doctor. That organization. Do they-?

Mustafa: The Doctor and his buddies don't care about us, do they? They're just like the others. They'll keep us there, in that firing squad, for however long it'll take. They'll take their notes and their analysis-is (sic). You remember what you told me about your commander?

Radovan: I can't Mustafa, It's been too long.

Mustafa: Go out there and make your country proud. Remember all those ideas and philosophies we came up with in the bubble?

Vladimir: That we were empty vessels? That everyone above us were using us for their own agenda?

Mustafa: Every time. Every time we were under someones wing, we were exploited. The Seige, our leaders exploited us. The people who wanted us dead, they exploited us. The artists, they exploited. And now Dr No-Hair and his posse, there to exploit us. And what else?

Vladimir: What?

Mustafa: They all do it in the name of something, to rationalize what they're doing. For protection, art, whatever. Dr Barrow whatever and his group did it in the name of science. That was their comfort blanket to keep them asleep at night.

(5 seconds of silence)

Radovan: What do we do now?

Mustafa: We go through the door, and take our own path. We don't listen to no one. We've only got each other, and no people on top telling us to kill each other, or stay put for some sick experiment. We're gonna find Jovan. We're gonna be happy.

Valdimir: I trust you, Mustafa.

Radovan: Me too.

Mustafa: Lets do it, and leave a little something behind for the egg-heads to mull over.

(At this point, the three men stand up and exit the room through a door, with the word Кућа6 written above.)

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Sarajevo#/media/File:Sarajevo_Winter1992-1993.jpg - Under CC BY 3.0 by Christian Marechel, taken January 1st 1993.