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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in Locker S56 at Site-73. All personnel at or above Level 2 are to be permitted access to Locker S56, however one Level-3 or above personnel is to be informed of all openings of the locker door, and all such events are to be logged.

A minimum of three Foundation personnel are to be present whenever the locker is open, one of which must have made direct visual contact with SCP-XXXX within the previous four months. If any present personnel exhibit symptoms of hallucinations, they are to be removed from the premises. If this occurs, the door of Locker S56 must be shut as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Rolex Yacht-Master comprised of steel and aluminum. Both the bezel and the watch face are blue, as is the Oysterflex silicon watch band. It is important to note that Rolex SA does not sell the Oysterflex strap in this color, nor does it produce or sell the Yacht-Master in the fully blue and stainless steel color combination. Despite this, SCP-XXXX has been confirmed to be a Rolex-produced watch, fully corresponding to the original both functionally and aesthetically, including the watch's movement, which after disassembly has been found to be identical to a Rolex 3135 movement found in any other Rolex Yacht-Master.

The serial number found on SCP-XXXX's face border and between the strap lugs, both at the 6-o-clock position - F4█████ - is a valid Rolex serial number, corresponding to a Rolex Yacht-Master sold by Rolex SA in early 2004, however all attempts made to track down further information about this watch have all failed. The model reference number found on SCP-XXXX - 116622 - is a valid model number, however corresponding to a Rolex Yacht-Master of a different color, with a different strap and bezel material. It has not been determined whether or not the watch originally manufactured with serial number F4█████ originally corresponded with reference number 116622 and through some unknown process became SCP-XXXX, or if the object was always what it is at this time simply has the same reference number.

SCP-XXXX exhibits a memetic effect which differs in its intensity from subject to subject. When making direct visual contact with the item, subjects will begin to perceive what they think of as a 'perfect seaside holiday'. The intensity of this differs as said above, from mild but slightly intrusive thoughts of specific locations and activities, to vivid mental images of locations, activities, accommodations, etcetera. Almost in all cases the subject observing SCP-XXXX will become instantly aware of exactly where what they are imagining or seeing is located or taking place.

In approximately 15% of cases this effect takes the shape of debilitating hallucinations, described as enhanced REM sleep combined with mild paralysis. During these hallucinations, the subjects enters a near-catatonic state and mentally lives out either a looping section or a large part of a seaside holiday. These hallucinations can be stopped by removing SCP-XXXX from the subject's field of vision or otherwise blocking direct line of sight between the subject and the watch. Hallucinations will continue for between ten (10) and eighty (80) seconds after line of sight is broken.

In all cases, subjects will retain all memory of whatever thoughts, visions, or hallucinations they experienced when exposed to SCP-XXXX. No correlation has been found between mental health, personality, IQ, or personal background of a test subject and the intensity of SCP-XXXX's effects on said subject. No long-term effects of exposure to SCP-XXXX have been noted, [See Addendum XXXX-04] although psychological evaluation is recommended for any personnel who have experienced hallucinations after exposure to SCP-XXXX.

Testing has revealed that:

  1. Removing the Oysterflex strap from SCP-XXXX decreases its memetic effect, but does not completely remove it,
  2. Blocking only the watch face with a cap, masking tape, or other opaque barrier removes its memetic effect,
  3. Letting SCP-XXXX wind down and stop running does not remove its memetic effect,
  4. Removing the entire Rolex 3135 movement from SCP-XXXX, thus rendering it unable to operate as a watch, does not remove its memetic effect,
  5. Photographic and video recordings of SCP-XXXX exhibit the same memetic effect as the item itself, however much less powerful.

Addendum XXXX-01 - Circumstances of Recovery:

Addendum XXXX-02: An abridged list of notable mental visions and hallucinations produced by SCP-XXXX:

Subject Effects of SCP-XXXX
Dr ██████ A three-bedroom villa in the Turks & Caicos Islands with a private pool and direct access to the beach. Only three of Dr ██████'s four children were present. When questioned about this detail by a Junior Researcher, Dr ██████ declined to explain his hypothesis on why this might have been the case. The Doctor also commented that he had wanted to go to the Caribbean for several years.
D-12702 A small wooden hut approximately ten meters from the coastline in Southern Australia. Notably, the subject's wife (deceased) was present in the hut. The subject described the several hours being spend with his wife on the beach, and commented that “it made [him] feel like she was really alive again”. Subject also reported that he and his wife drank a particular brand of wine, but could not recall the name of the brand.
D-26719 A suite in the █████ ███ ████ Resort & Spa in █████, UAE. During her brief mental vision, the subject saw an entire two-month vacation at the hotel. She reported taking part in watersports, namely waterskiing and riding a Kawasaki jetski, as well as eating in several of the hotel’s restaurants. Subject later described her vision as “just like a holiday [she] had with [her] family when [she] was little, but so, so much better.”
Containment Specialist ███ Stone house on an unidentified cliff in Canada overlooking an extremely stormy sea, including squall-speed winds and waves estimated by the subject to have been over four (4) meters tall. Subject added that she recognized the area from somewhere, possibly his childhood, and had always “found the noise of crashing waves calming”.
D-58993 [REDACTED] Level-3 and above personnel refer to document ██-XXXX-███-1
██████ ███████ A large two-mast yacht sailing across the Mediterranean Sea. Subject remarked that it was his lifelong dream to sail across the Mediterranean.
D-40857 Subject lost consciousness for 23 seconds. Further examination revealed subject did not have an understanding of the meaning of the word 'sea'.

Addendum XXXX-03:

Following testing, it has been determined that SCP-XXXX bases the specific effects it has on each subject on the subject's memories, aspirations, concealed thoughts, etcetera. Further testing recommended to determine the full extent of these capabilities, as the implication here may be that SCP-XXXX is not memetic, but telepathic, basing its telepathy somehow on line of site. - Dr ████

Addendum XXXX-04: Prior to 0█/██/2017, SCP-XXXX has been the cause of one suicide: On ██/██/2016, four months after experiencing visual contact with SCP-XXXX, Junior Researcher ███████ drove a rented Ford Mustang into a bridge support on the I-██ at 120 mph. He wrote "I will never be able to experience anything so beautiful. Life no longer has meaning. There's no point in continuing," in his suicide note. Several personnel have suggested reclassification to Euclid as a result of this incident. Request denied.

This is a standalone occurrence. The effects of SCP-XXXX are entirely harmless to experience under ordinary circumstances. Because Jonathan ███████ experienced these effects outside of testing conditions and no interview was conducted, we will never know what it was that he saw, but there is no reason to reclassify this object. – Dr Adamson