SCP-2364: Pulverizing Power Gloves


This is a SCP currently under investigation by Research Team 12(Site-73)



Item# SCP-2364

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2364 is to be kept in a locked safe deposit box in Site-73. The safe deposit box is to be kept in the vault until future investigations. Approval of at least one (1) Level 4 personnel is required for the removal of object from its containment area. Approval of at least three (3) Level 4 personnel and one (1) security officer is required for wearing and experimentation due to several incidents of misuse.

Description: SCP-2364 is a pair of Tyrant brand boxing gloves, of significant wear on the seems and leather. SCP-2364 was discovered when the owner used the SCP to rob a convenience store. The gloves have an astonishing ability to raise the punching power of the user one-thousand times (1000) times over(If the gloves are dropped they also react as if they were being jabbed). Thus punches wearing the SCP often have the chances of disintegrating the object punched by the wearer.

Experimentation: Text Transcripts of Audio Logs, Compiled by Dr. █████ Entry of 1/31/20██

"I plan on having one of the D-Class Personnel take the gloves into a testing chamber to see if it has any adverse affects on humans, if it doesn't…..I'll replace the class D with a normal personnel. I really hope there isn't any adverse affects……I really don't want a convict too…..Never mind, I'm just a little nervous about this first test. This SCP is very dangerous, and I'd prefer this to go well."

Entry of 2/1/20██

"Notes: One, the gloves do not have any adverse effects on humans. Two, force upon impact keeps the kinetic energy from the normal punch and multiplies it by at least one-thousand(1000) times what it normally would be. Three…..Never use a class D too experiment with very dangerous equipment….. "(His final statement being about {Incident 7A} In thus where two scientists and a security officer were [DATA EXPUNGED].

Entry of 2/4/20██

"Now, thanks to the replacement of the Class-D personnel, results are starting to come through showing how powerful these gloves are. Test one was to see what would happen if you punched a normal punching bag. The "bag" disintegrated, and the sand polished the wall it came into contact with. This was a amazing feat it was very impressive, and I can't wait to do more with this SCP."

Text Transcripts of Audio Logs, Compiled by Medical Doctor: Entry of 2/6/20██

"……Um…..Ok, I was ask by Dr. █████ to make a short log of what happened. To my best knowledge what I believe happened was that the "Gloves" that Dr. █████ was testing were dropped and landed on the floor in such a manner that "It would act like it was a punch". This incident has caused two fatalities and has sent Dr. █████ to the hospital with a broken rib cage, and a concussion. From some of the other personnel's point of views they said "It felt like an earthquake" and that they thought the building was to come down."