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Item #: SCP-ihaven’tcomeupwithanumberyet(or X)

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All incidents of SCP-X in phase I are to be placed in standard solitary confinement with two (2) audio-less cameras watching them at all times and a remote method of termination until proper treatment can be administered. Any attempts to escape are to result in termination. There are three (3) currently accepted treatments:

1. If the subject in question is deemed not worth the effort to save (i.e. if they are Class D personnel), then immediate termination and disposal is advised.
2. Administration of Class A amnestics has been found to cure subjects completely of SCP-X.
3. Administration of specially-created antipsychotics eradicates the symptoms of SCP-X, but they must be taken on a daily basis till the subject’s death to keep them eradicated.

All incidents of SCP-X in phase II are to be terminated immediately and disposed of.

Description: SCP-X is a memetic disease that has been found to result from extensive exposure to other anomalous phenomena. Annually it inflicts about ██% of the Foundation’s personnel, and it has been cause behind at least █ containment breaches.

SCP-X exists in 2 phases: During phase I, individuals infected by SCP-X, known as subjects, experience intense depression and awareness of their insignificance in comparison to the universe, due to the reality-defying SCPs which they have been exposed to up until infection. Interestingly enough, however, no subjects have attempted to commit suicide during phase I. After anything from an hour to a week, subjects enter phase II, during which they attempt to cause massive destruction through the instigation of containment breaches. This urge does not stop until the subject is terminated.

SCP-X appears to assist subjects in causing containment breaches, since while in phase II subjects mysteriously obtain information necessary to carry out their tasks. For example, and infected Class D personnel will miraculously learn Level 4 and 5 security codes and other classified information as the need arises. This makes SCP-X one of the greatest breach-threats known to the Foundation.

SCP-X results as a combination of exposure to the physical presence of SCPs and knowledge of their abnormal effects. Individuals who simply learn about SCPs without any interaction do not contract SCP-X, and neither do individuals who are physically exposed to SCPs without knowledge of the truth behind them. The more an individual has of both, the more likely they are to contract SCP-X.

SCP-X can be spread to others, as any sapient being capable of hearing can be infected by listening to either the ramblings of a subject or a recording of said ramblings. Psychiatric help has proved useless, as the only time it was attempted resulted in the infection of the psychiatrist.

The use of Class A amnestics has cured subjects of SCP-X at the cost of totally wiping their memory of all their experience with SCPs. An antipsychotic medication has been developed to combat SCP-X, but it must be taken daily every day to have permanent effects. Once the subject has reached phase II, no treatments short of termination have any effects.

It is unknown to what extent groups of interest similar to the Foundation experience SCP-X or how they deal with it, but it can be assumed that it is an issue they experience just as much as we do.

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