Avacyn's Helvault
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Aerial photograph of SCP-3 taken by Foundation surveillance units.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Former containment protocols involving aerial based tracking squadrons and global misinformation campaigns are suspended indefinitely following Event-01. New containment procedures at SCP-3's current resting position in ██████ have since been developed.

Foundation assets are to regularly remind the local public of the potential dangers surrounding SCP-3's location in order to deter accidental discovery by members of the public. If non-Foundation personnel attempt to access the region, weather warnings are to be issued by the misinformation team and failing that the use of Class-C amnestics are authorised.

Monitoring Stations Alpha and Umbra are to constantly scan SCP-3 with an emphasis on detecting chemical and electromagnetic anomalies. 20 CFC1 extractors are to be constantly maintained in the vicinity of SCP-3.

Description: SCP-3 appears to be composed of several Cumulonimbus clouds overlayed to form an uniform entity that functions as an aerial vehicle. It is currently unknown whether the clouds are part of SCP-3's superstructure or if they hold additional purposes. Foundation attempts to penetrate this layer have thus far been unsuccessful, with exploration craft being disabled or outright destroyed upon nearing the entity. As of ██/██/97, SCP-3 is currently immobile and is considered disabled after Event-01. Despite sustaining immense damage, it is still operational to some degree and observations have revealed that it is currently attempting repair operations.

SCP-3 is technologically advanced in construction, far surpassing even Foundation experimental technology. Several notable system operations observed include the ability for SCP-3 to manipulate the clouds forming its superstructure, rendering it difficult to detect amongst existing cloud formations. This system appears to be still operational after Event-01 and currently is believed to be the primary cause of extreme fog activity in the █████ region. SCP-3 also possesses aviation capabilities, however its source of power and method of elevation are unknown - with no notable sources of radiation or other forms of known energy being detected from the entity. As such SCP-3 is believed to be extra-terrestrial in construct and following Event-03 and Event-04, this assumption has been confirmed.

Since Event-01, Foundation operatives have been able to discern further details on the purpose and function of the entity. This includes data gained from Event-03 and Event-04 respectively. As of ██/██/97, SCP-3's primary function is confirmed to be a chlorofluorocarbon emitter with the ultimate purpose of eliminating the ozone layer from Earth. It is believed to be one of the main causes of ozone depletion and since its disabling as a result of Event-01 in 1997, ozone levels have begun to noticeably recover.

Due to the risk posed by the destruction of the ozone layer, various methods of disabling SCP-3's recovery mechanism have been employed. Attempts to communicate with the entity were unsuccessful until the events of Event-03 resulted in the occurrence of Event-04. As of Event-04, SCP-3 has entered a state of dormancy and further communication has not been re-established.

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