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Item #: SCP-XXX


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-1 is to be stored in standard 5m x 5m x 3m containment room. Four (4) CCTV cameras will monitor SCP-XXX-1 at all times. Every seven (7) days cameras will be shut off for five (5) minutes to allow SCP-XXX-1 to trigger propagation. If subject does not propagate in the five minute interval, interval and observation will continue until SCP-XXX triggers and propagation occurs. chloroformic gas will then be administered until all subjects have ceased movement. One newly spawned subject will be designated as new SCP-XXX-1, all other subjects will be terminated and disposed of.

Under no circumstance is lethal force authorized for initial pacification. If there are complications with propagation or removal of extraneous subjects contact the Level 4 supervisor immediately.

Description: SCP-XXX is an unknown phenomenon that creates humans dressed in identical "baby face" masks and black hooded sweatshirts. These subjects appear to have no demonstration of higher thought patterns, subjects are unable or unwilling to attempt communication or cease hostile actions. Subjects appear with variety of common simple urban weapons (bricks, knives, baseball bats etc.). All items lack manufacturing identification but otherwise appear to be ordinary. Subjects that appear are of different race, sex, age, and size and are biologically identical to normal humans except for aberrant behavior. NOTE: See Log SCP-XXX-355 for additional details.

The propagation process has yet to be observed as any observation whether physical or electronic seems to prevent SCP-XXX triggering even when faced with lethal force and physical torture. When propagation occurs it happens rapidly with as many as eleven (11) additional subjects appearing within a minute. Duration and numbers vary but SCP-XXX can generate a large number of subjects rapidly if subjects are isolated from observation. SCP-XXX is not exponential, even in large groups only one subject appears to trigger propagation. If all subjects are eliminated either from lethal force or due to dehydration or starvation then phenomenon SCP-XXX appears to relocate to random geographic coordinate and new subjects appear. As propagation cannot be observed no test has successfully stopped this relocation event.