ProcyonLotor's Sandbox


Shitty drafts at turtle speed.


  • The Polisario Front Government in Exile, in a significantly diminished amount of exile
  • Foundation incompetence corrupts a secret, holy ghat in the city of Varansi, and the Foundation instead decides to say there was never any anomaly.
  • Altamont Free Concert
  • Neither 231-7 nor 110-Montauk exist, but are a fiction created by an internal affairs agency to keep employees suspected of disloyalty in line
  • Meta-Coup: Someone leads a violent revolution to remove themselves from power
  • SCP-XXXX-J "Morrisey Made Me Write This at Gunpoint Send Help"
  • "Viral" Marketing
  • Pier 4, Base Naval de Ceuta

Other Stuff: