Prof. Marbles Sandbox

Alien version of the Foundation in the greater galactic community where anomalies are common knowledge. The title of Praxic Division is a bit of joke to those in it, as the division handles anomalies on a case by case basis due to their nature. Story focuses on the Sol Watchtower Project that monitors our solar system for any anomalies leaving it. Watchtower also prevents contact between humans and aliens.


Sol project Executive Officer

Shiralens-appearance bound to season of home world.
Season of fire-glowing orangy reddish skin, eyes glow, hair becomes like fire in appearance, season when the fires burn the plains to start again
Season of ash-ashy grey skin, dull grey eyes, hair is a sparkly grey ash, perpetually falls, body always exuding ash
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Leads by example, kind hearted in social situations,business like and calm in dire straights, master manipulator,dedicated to the cause

Noren Ter Celmorese

Sol project security chief
Former chem trooper, used specially concocted gases and liquids to kill and weaken enemy troop, seen as sadistic

Thorel- four arms, four legs, pale almost translucent skin, excellent fighters

Blunt, gruff, and possibly racist, new to praxic division

Legren of the True Prophets
Unigendered, no stated preference

Sol project head, captain of Nuelar’s Hold
Gholep-deeply religious, avian race, culture divide into many different religious sects, sects often violent to each other, if not rude

Pompous, and by the book, countered by Bara and Noren, devote, but by no means cowardly


Noren's direct subordinate

Belgren- thin, tall, durable, use sharp bone-like fingers as natural defense

Quiet, angry, and incapable of lying because of his oath, was next in line for security chief position, hates Noren for taking it


Lead science officer aboard Nuelar's Hold

Sempores- snail beings, etch accomplishments into shell, thinkers, writer, artists, near useless in combat

A tad eccentric but not on the levels of some foundation staff, cowardly in the face of present danger, joker, ultimately noble in spirit