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cringy ideas:

Quantum Software Predestination software (keter/thaumiel/partially neutralized) active/cycling through a large (yet not fully discovered) network (re-appearing in certain databases and vanishing from the entire discovered part of the network at some points), any attempt to reverse engineer a part of the software will remove the anomalous property that was being reversed.

Undiscovered part of the atlantic ocean water temperature is below -12°c, waves can get higher upon 300m With big monsters (spooky). (euclid)

Butterfly/moth-like parasite that lives in the Eustachian tube (euclid)

disease/thing that causes your vision to splice up into sections (shard like/lines) some of these sections can flip or disturbing things can appear only in a few sections, a monster will only be visible in these certain sections and can only be observed by victims, only effects will have impact on them and the monster is spooky and hostile (keter)

some shit:

sCP-x: (extractor)

item x

object class safe

SCP: SCP-x is stored at storage site 64 E-wing, accessing the containment chamber requires a security clearance of level 2 or higher. Due to ethical reasons, every object or material apart from living beings may be used for SCP-x. Tests with anti-matter are not conducted because they are too dangerous and expensive.

Desc: SCp-x appears to be a modified meat grinder of an unknown brand, covered with scrap from old electronics, the most significant modifications include a metal base/cage (700mm length by 600mm width by 950mm height) which holds 122 glass test tubes. 118 tubes are arranged like the Periodic System of Elements with their corresponding symbol written with a marker pen on the tubes. 4 tubes seem to be off the usual PSE pattern, they appear to have no symbols written on it. When an object is being ground through SCP-x, SCP-x will gradually decompose the object into individual atoms which made up the material and sort them accordingly to the 122 test tubes. SCP-x can consume any liquid or solid material. However, every element in the tubes don't seem to exhibit known properties, every extracted element doesn't form covalent bonds, no radioactive decay is present (especially for heavier elements), and is continuously in a liquid state.