Professor Will
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A photo of SCP-001-3 standing at the foot of SCP-001.

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-001-1 has been sealed. This serves as sufficient containment for all associated objects. In the event that unauthorized personnel enter SCP-001-1, Combat Task force ζ-9 (Mole Rats) are to apprehend them.

Description: SCP-001 is an extra-dimensional rift that leads to an unknown location. Three other anomalies have been linked to SCP-001:

  1. SCP-001-1: There is an underground concrete structure built around SCP-001, hereby designated SCP-001-1. Attempts to map SCP-001-1 have led to contradictory data, as different individuals perceive different hallways and rooms while within the structure. Groups of personnel leaving SCP-001-1 will each have separate accounts of what took place, even if they allegedly remained together the entire time.
  2. SCP-001-2: There is a metal door within SCP-001-1, hereby designated SCP-001-2, that leads into a room holding SCP-001. The location of this door varies between accounts, however it can be distinguished as the only door within SCP-001-1.
  3. SCP-001-3: Past SCP-001-2, there is what has been speculated to be a male human, however this is unclear due to the bright light emanating from SCP-001. So far, only a silhouette of the humanoid has been identified. This humanoid, designated SCP-001-3, will always be at the foot of SCP-001.

Addendum-001-A: On [REDACTED], one D-Class personnel was sent into SCP-001-1, and was instructed to enter and explore past the dimensional rift known as SCP-001. D-Class was a male of average build, blue eyes, blonde hair. Was equipped with a video camera that could send a transmission to Site-64 during his attempt to explore SCP-001.

------ [BEGIN LOG] ------

The D-Class descends down the stairway into darkness. A clicking sound is heard as the flashlight attached to the camera is switched on revealing a passageway. He finds SCP-001-2 one hour later. It reads:

Here lies a safe haven from the Sodom where you stand. When the end of the world arrives, those who take refuge here will survive.

He opens SCP-001-2. Light pours through illuminating the hallway. The D-Class flicks a switch shutting the flashlight off, and begins to enter through SCP-001-2. Something, presumably SCP-001-3, emerges through the bright light and pushes the D-Class away from the doorway. The D-Class falls to the floor dropping the camera. The door slams, and there is no visible light.

The D-Class personnel can be heard scrambling through the darkness as he retrieves the camera. The flashlight flickers on and off, revealing various insects. He throttles the doorknob and kicks the door. SCP-001-2 is locked. Fourteen minutes pass. The D-Class abandons the mission, and heads back to the entrance. Once there, he asks to be let out. Researchers open the sealed gate, however despite the camera showing otherwise, the D-Class is not perceived to be at the entrance. The camcorder doesn't perceive that the gate was opened at all.

The D-Class personnel goes back to SCP-001-2 and bangs on it four times with the side of his right fist asking to be let in, and unintentionally killing a beetle. SCP-001-3 can be heard from the other side:

SCP-001-3: Again and again I'd knock on the same door, asking to be let in… I was so confused. But then, I found out it wasn't even the same door. How was I supposed to know anything about collapsing the superposition?

D-Class: Look man, I don't have a clue what your talking about. Just let me the fuck in so I can do what they asked me to do and leave this hellhole.

SCP-001-3: "Enter the gate and wipe away your sins?" That's a load of bullshit dude. You think I don't feel sorry about the murder of my wife and father in law? All the cuts in her waist, you knew she was pregnant. That was why you went over there in the first place.

D-Class: Shut the fuck up! You don't know me. You have no right to judge me for what I did.

SCP-001-3: Whoa whoa, it's cool alright? I get it.

D-Class: I just want to get out of here, and the researchers won't let me do that until I enter the rift. Let me in.

SCP-001-3: You, of all people, are not allowed through.

D-Class: I don't understand.

SCP-001-3: I'll explain in a second. For now, just trust me. Listen to the door. Do you hear yourself? Can you hear yourself scream? Who will you trust? Me who knows what the future holds, or you who knows nothing?

[Audio confirms that there is screaming coming from within SCP-001-2]

You can rot here for the rest of eternity, or you can join the club. Until I came to this door I thought that by killing my wife I could never have a genetic mark on the world after I die, but here I am. The everlasting loop has kept me as my own kin, preserved as long as we don't collapse that circle.

At this point SCP-001-2 opens, however light does not emanate from within unlike previous explorations, indicating SCP-001 is absent. The D-Class personnel walks slowly into the unlit room. The light attached to the camera reveals a humanoid individual, presumably SCP-001-3, motionless and laying down mangled in a corner facing away from the camera.

SCP-001-3: I'm really sorry man, I have to do this for you. It’s the only way to undo what I’ve one to myself, what you've done to yourself. We shouldn't have killed her.

D-Class: What are you going to do. Where did the rift go? Where is the light?

SCP-001-3: This isn’t the same place.

D-Class: Of course it is. I remember. This is the same door. It should lead to the same place. Shouldn't it?

SCP-001-3: This isn't the same place. It's a separate reality, and in this reality, there is no rift.

You get that a lot here, separate realities. The concept of dead, dying, has yet to die, it's all the same within these concrete corridors. All these realities exist at once 'til you break the veil, and reveal the actual reality, thus destroying all the others.

What I trying to say is, if you enter that rift, countless worlds will cease to exist. You don't want that, do you? Think of how many lives will be lost, how many universes will be wiped away from existence if you decide to enter that one, unknown dimension.

SCP-001-2 closes behind the D-Class personnel. SCP-001-3 remains silent. The D-Class begins to approach SCP-001-3. A knife can be seen glinting in SCP-001-3's hand. Pus is dripping onto the knife from SCP-001-3's sleeve and numerous visible sores.

As the camera draws nearer, a gash where SCP-001-3's ear would be is apparent. The D-Class puts his hand around SCP-001-3's head, and turns it to face him. The face of SCP-001-3 [EXPUNGED] direct eye contact with the camera. The D-Class drops the camera and the flashlight breaks.

SCP-001-3: This isn't the first time you've come down here, and I won't let it be the last.

In the darkness, the knife can be heard scraping against the concrete as SCP-001-3 struggles to stand up.

SCP-001-3: Are you ready to be reborn? I am.

------ [CONNECTION LOST] ------

Addendum-001-B: The following is a lecture given by Professor Francis Cassidy, who spectated the exploration detailed in the previous addenda.

Prof. F. Cassidy: Hello everyone, welcome. I understand that many of you were complaining that we don't know enough about SCP-001. During the lecture I would like to present my personal speculation detailing the nature of SCP-001, as well as the associated anomalies. By the end of this explanation I hope you realize how potent the risks of dealing with this phenomenon really are.

I believe the answer to your questions lies in the SCP-001 exploration. Now, I know many of you read the addenda and thought, "What the fuck," and many others read the addenda and caught on SCP-001-3 is the D-Class. I am here to confirm that. However, I want to make it very clear that SCP-001-3 does not take on the identity of whoever perceives it. Extensive exploration has proven that SCP-001-3 is, and has always been, the D-Class personnel we sent in to explore that hellhole.

So what happened to the D-Class? We don't know.

And because we don't know what happened to the D-Class, SCP-001-3 exists. I must ask, does anyone here know anything about quantum superposition? Schrodinger's Cat? SCP-2144? Well, in a nutshell Quantum Superposition is the theory that a particle can be in two states at once until it's observed, and Schrodinger's Cat is the concept that something larger than a particle can be in multiple states at once.

Giving SCP-001-3 the benefit of the doubt: 'dead, dying, has yet to die' isn't relevant within SCP-001-1. This also corresponds with how the SCP-001-1 exploration accounts differ even if all the explorers claim they stayed together the entire time. From what I've gathered, people within SCP-001-1 are perceiving multiple states, because they actually are under multiple states.

Therefore SCP-001, the thing SCP-001-3 desperately wants to keep people away from, must be the mystery that binds the anomaly together. No superposition can survive without a secret, and SCP-001-3 knows that. Sheltering oneself in a place where death has no meaning is an effective way to gain immortality, but as different Foundations from different universes send in the same D-Class to enter SCP-001: SCP-001-3 must kill them to prevent himself from entering the gate. It's the only way to maintain the anomaly, as entering the gate will reveal the true reality and destroy the superposition.

If this were true, if there were more Foundations in other universes sending in other D-Class, then entering that gateway must reveal that there is really only one Foundation. Only one universe. But what does that mean for us? Most likely, it would mean that we would cease to exist.

The chances of our universe being the 'haven' appears to be extremely slim, so rather than trying to discover what SCP-001 really is: I believe it would be a smarter decision to keep away from it as much as we can, and pray that not only you, but also the other countless Foundations decide to do the same thing.