A Scarlet King is risen, beyond the crimson shore.
Death and woe far and wide, the canary’s call no more.
Twelve owls were watching, upon the great tree
Looking down above the kingdom, beyond what we can see.
So cried out the youngest owl, “Watch, my sisters, watch!”
“The shore grows pale, our flowers die, under the crimson splotch!”
The king then rose, stood at the center above all things.
“My quest lies above, at the source of all strings.
I must go, but do not follow.
Stay here and guard. Go and hollow.”
Their eyes grew wide and their wings unfurled,
So the king commanded, so the owls heeded,
To go and fight, as the king had needed.
And so the king rose.
And so the king shattered.

The Serpent has the key, the Jailor guards the door,
Both held in fear of that crimson red, shore.

The void no more is vigilant, gone to hide away,
But countless doors are shut, blocking out the way.

The owl’s eyes still scan over all things.
But they have let down their guard.
A dream plucked from their feathers.
The Elder One which once lied above
The one betrayed by people and kin
Now he dances with dirt.

Endrion Lords: The result when at least 1000 instances of a person dreams a single dream. The weakest has 1000 instances. The strongest have all instances (Daern Lord). Led by one ruler. The ultimate power in the multiverse. Only rulers and some of the other elites are comprised of all dreaming instances. When all the instances have fallen asleep, they form a single conscious. This conscious is immortal. If enough instances wake up, they revert to dream walker form. They only exist amongst the conscious of their instances. To kill all instances is to (effectively) kill the Daern Lord. However, due to the fact that once they awake they can only move among their pieces, to destroy the pieces strands the last one in a sort of nothingness. The ultimate power in the multiverse (right now). When one was shattered and awoken, the pieces that fell served as the catalyst for the creation of explicit reality benders.

NOTE: <DarkStuff> <3
<Varaxous> Ok I just realized
<Varaxous> (looking through notes)
<Varaxous> Is that the beings (Which I have dubbed 'Endrion Lords')
<Varaxous> Are formed specifically when the people dream the same dream
<DarkStuff> ooo
<Varaxous> Which, under normal circumstances, can only occur between the same beings
<Varaxous> However
<Varaxous> What you have hear is a single shared dream
<Varaxous> here*

Serrinthiums: Creatures that conquered the void. Led by a republic of elites. The Scarlet King approaches and is scaring them into other realities. However, other realities don't want this, and refuse them. They have resorted to more convincing methods. (Could be draw some inspiration from the jews, ie always prosecuted and one day travels to the holy land.)

Explicit reality bender: Person which has touched the mind of a daern lord in some way or have a piece of the fallen awoken inside them.

Passive reality bender: Person who knows the 'loopholes' of the universe; not nearly as powerful as the explicit reality bender. Simply able to passively alter reality.

Idk cool stuff I guess: "All who run are mine for I am the one who watches. All who scream are yours for you are the one who calls."

His work is not done
And although his power is greatly diminished,
A fraction of infinity is still infinity
He waits behind the veil

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances are SCP-XXXX's tendrils to be severed. Any attempt to do is to be met with any force required to stop the tendril being severed, up to and including immediate termination regardless of security level. Should any of SCP-XXXX's tendrils be severed, the on-site director is to be immediately notified and a temporary site lock-down be initiated. Following the re-containment of SCP-XXXX, it is to be tested for any changes and alterations of its physical and psychological state.

SCP-XXXX is currently held at Site-XX in standard humanoid containment cell 4B. Any requests from SCP-XXXX must be submitted to [[Dr. Grogshire]Maybe change to something less stupid] for review. Should a site transfer be necessary, SCP-XXXX must not be transferred to any site containing SCP objects which effects include cutting, burning, killing, or other such similar properties. Any and all experiments on SCP-XXXX must be first submitted to the current site director and the overseer of SCP-XXXX.

Should the amount of SCP-XXXX's tendrils reach 13, Protocol X2348-Proskellion is to be started immediately by any staff capable, and SCP-XXXX is to be reclassified as Keter.

Until such time that Protocol X2348-Proskellion is started, it is to remain classified to all personell below level 4 clearance

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a Caucasian male of approximately 50 35 20 years of age, about 2 m (6'3") and 78 kg (173 lb), with black hair and hazel eyes. Six tendril-like appendages protrude from SCP-XXXX's back, with each tendril being approximately 6 m long. When not in use, SCP-XXXX seems to 'store' the tendrils along its body as tattoos in the shape of its tendrils. On the back of SCP-XXXX, there are seven marks comprised of scar tissue from severe burns, each roughly the same size and shape of the base of its existing tendrils.

Whenever a tendril is severed, SCP-XXXX experiences amnesia like symptoms. It only remembers key details of its life and seems to undergo an extreme personality shift. Researchers working with SCP-XXXX describe it as a complete change, as if SCP-XXXX had turned into a different person. SCP-XXXX remembers its previous personalities and appears to think of them like dead relatives.

When a tendril is severed from SCP-XXXX, the severed tendril(s) fall to the ground before rapidly disintegrating with no trace. A symbol is burned into the person or thing responsible for severing the tendril. SCP-XXXX then goes into an unresponsive state similar to shock. At first, no other anomalous effects are noticed. However, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour after the tendril(s) has been severed, the tendril(s) will regrow. Once this happens, the primary goal of SCP-XXXX will be to hunt down and kill or destroy whatever possesses the mark. Should the thing possessing the mark be terminated,

SCP-XXXX was discovered close to the White Mountains near Fairbanks, Alaska, in the possession of previously unknown organization. Suspecting possible Church of the Broken God activity,

Tendril # Abilities Gained Date Grown
1 Unknown (Enhanced healing) Unknown
2 Unknown (Enhanced strength/stamina) 5/02/2001
3 Can turn SCP-XXXX-1 sharp (Reword) 16/04/2004
4 Can heat SCP-XXXX-1 to 700°C (reword/rework) 17/09/2004
5 Can do his taxes (Can harden them) 17/09/2004
6 [Research Ongoing] 17/09/2004