Project untitled humanoid was a glitch with an advanced 3d printer known as Creatter. It had received a template from an outside source called //virer_.exe\\\dev.type and this screwed up the programing. The program then printed a USB flash drive. The owner named Jeff Salvin put it in his computer and found a couple of files on it. One was a .jpg picture of a poorly drew stick figure with a creepy face. According to his report, he accidently clicked on it and it became alive on the screen. It went on controlling the cursor and deleted many important files, software, and program including an anti-virus. Jeff could not stop it so he unplugged the computer but not before he got on the internet. He took it to many repair shops but that just gave it more time to cause habic. It finally develop a program to keep itself going with out his computer. The anti-hacker division of RexCo. tried to step in but almost wiped out by this stick figure virus. Our division has now the destroyed almost destroyed all traces of it and now has the original computer, flash drive, and printer in a safe.

The owner, Jeff Salvin has deleted all of his accounts and now lives an offline live because the virus uses his email/social media to infect or reproduce itself.

[ you have a message from JeFF SaLViN ]__-1010011-1010011-1010011-*virus_detected*

[message}*you will be deleted*{message}*you will be deleted*{message]