Special Containment Proceedures:
For safety of personnel, it is required that SCP-XXXX-4a be restrained to the provided gurney and be sedated with surgical-level opiates. All nourishment SCP-XXXX-4a recieves must be via intravenous injection or hand fed by selected D-Class personnel.

Further more, a screening of all non D-Class personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX-4 for all following conditions:

Variations in bipolar disorder
Variations of Schizophrenia
Clinical Depression
In female personel, any stage of pregnancy
Delusional psychosis


SCP-XXXX-4a (Formerly -- --) is a female human of Korean descent, roughly xx to xx years of age. Intial examination of SCP-XXXX-4 shows pale discoloration of skin and emaciated appearance that is consistant with diagonsis of malnutrition. Its abdomen is also distended in a fashion indicating late pregnancy caused by SCP-XXXX-4b

SCP-xxxx-4b is a fetal humanoid contained within the body of SCP-xxxx-4a. Based on MRI analysis and autopsy performed on SCP-xxxx-2, fetal organisms of SCP-XXXX designation outwardly appear afflicted with severe cases of hyrdocephalus. Further analysis concludes the cranial distending