SCP-whocarestbh (probably idk property of Prototype_Toaster)

Item number: #SCP-3265

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3265-1 is to be stored in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-██ and is not to leave the cell outside of testing or for questioning regarding SCP-3265-B. Instances of SCP-3265-2 are to be regarded as E-Class and are not allowed to return to their previous position's until approved by at least two (2) Level 4 personnel. Instances of SCP-3265-2 infected with SCP-3265-A-Omega are to be terminated instantly. (1) instance of SCP-3265-A-Alpha SCP-3265-A-Beta and SCP-3265-A-Omega are to be stored ██████ Labs at Site-██ for research into a cure. SCP-3265-B is to be stored underground at Arctic Base . Personnel interacting with SCP-3265-B are to wear Hazmat suits at all times. If the temperature of SCP-3265-B's containment area rises above 12.5 °C, SCP-3265-B is to be covered in ice, stored in a cold storage transport box, and brought outside until the temperature in the containment area is set back to normal.

Description: SCP-3265-1 is a Male Humanoid formerly known as ██████ ████████. Outside of being the carrier for the infection with SCP-3265-A, it is otherwise unremarkable in terms of anomalous properties. SCP-3265-2 is in reference to any non anomalous individual infected with SCP-3265-A. SCP-3265-A is the name given to a Pathogen given by SCP-3265-1. SCP-3265-1 is known to spread SCP-3265-A to individuals who spend more than 10 minutes with SCP-3265-1. It can also be spread by typical means of spreading a Pathogen1. SCP-3265-1 can rearrange the pattern of SCP-3265-A on his face to cognitohazardous patterns that can cause viewers to lose consciousness, become infected with SCP-3265-A, or in extreme cases cause cardiac arrest sometimes leading to death. SCP-3265-A has three stages that it can mutate into

SCP-3265-A-Alpha is the first stage of SCP-3265-A. When an instance of SCP-3265-2 is first infected with the pathogen, they will begin to notice lumps of several different colors on their faces. These colors have included Blue, Red, Black and Green. Outside of these lumps, no other symptoms have been reported. As of █/██/███, this can be cured

SCP-3265-A-Beta is the second stage of SCP-3265-A. Instances of SCP-3265-2 have reported that more lumps appear on their faces of different colors. Adding on to the previous colors, instances of SCP-3265-2 have reported the colors Yellow, Brown and Orange. When infected with SCP-3265-A-Beta, instances of SCP-3625-2 have been shown to emit radiation between 0.█ and 4.5 mSv. As of ██/██/20██, this can be cured

SCP-3265-A-Omega is the third and Final stage of SCP-3265-A. Autopsy reports of instances of SCP-3265-2 infected with SCP-3265-A-Omega have shown that lumps similar to the ones produced by SCP-3265-A-Beta start to grow on the lungs, heart and brain effectively turning instances of SCP-3265-2 into paraplegics after 4 months of infection. Radiation levels between 6 and 5█ mSv have been emitted by individuals infected with SCP-3265-A-Omega. Currently, SCP-3265-A-Omega does not have any means of being cured.2

SCP-3265-B is an Egg like object obtained during a post-containment search of the former residence of SCP-3265-1. It appears to be covered in the lumps similar to SCP-3265-A-Omega, however initial testing showed that it was free of SCP-3265-A-Omega. SCP-3265-B also emits radiation. When initially recovered, it emitted a small amount of radiation (at about 1.2 mSv) however it has increased over time. It has not been seen to go over 22 Sv.

Addendum 3265-1

On 02/05/20██, a recovery team found a Journal belonging to SCP-3265-1. The following is a transcript of some of the passages

Addendum 3265-2

The following is a transcript of SCP-3265-1's 06/02/20██ entry in SCP-3265-1's journal.