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Item #: SCP-3672


SCP-3672-1 in its "object" state.

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3672 is to be kept in a standard containment cell approximately 5x3x5 meters. Within the cell, SCP-3672-1 is expected to be deployed onto the center of the cell to act as a residency for SCP-3672. SCP-3672 is contained at Site-████. All testing regarding SCP-3672 is to be carried out by Dr. ██████ with the approval of O5 command.

SCP-3672 is a humanoid creature that is relatively 1.5 meters tall. It takes the appearance of a human female with dark gray skin and black, featureless eyes. SCP-3672 usually wears a skin-tight violet jumpsuit and a dark vest. SCP-3672 wears a pair of human eye contact lens with red irises to appear less threatening to others.

SCP-3672 has three (3) main anomalous properties. SCP-3672 possesses mostly sharp teeth and has a very unusual mouth shape due to pieces of cartilage located on the maxilla and mandible. SCP-3672’s mouth seems to be the size of an average human, but when SCP-3672 is feeding, microscopic fibers in its cheeks will tear and reveal a fairly large mouth that extends to approximately 12.7cm and can open twice the norm of an average human.

SCP-3672’s second anomalous property manifests when SCP-3672 decides to change its bodily proportions. The three (3) main body parts that can change are [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-3672 usually changes its proportions to accompany speed and mobility. For example, if SCP-3672 needs to move swiftly, [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-3672’s third anomalous property is a red faberge egg of an unidentified brand, which is referred to as SCP-3672-1. SCP-3672-1 has golden engravings in a scale-like pattern with a golden tripod base. SCP-3672-1 is worn on SCP-3672’s head. SCP-3672-1 can be taken off of SCP-3672’s head and placed on solid ground. When this happens, SCP-3672-1 will expand to approximately 2.65 meters. SCP-3672 can be seen opening a compartment on SCP-3672-1 and going inside. The inside of SCP-3672-1’s contents are unknown and presumed dangerous.

(Tests involving the interior of SCP-3672-1 is pending and awaiting O5 approval.)

SCP-3672 is shown to become very hostile when provoked or abused in a negative way. Tests of provoking SCP-3672 result in the subject being brutally murdered by it. Its method of killing is using its sharp teeth and extended mouth to rip away flesh from the victimized subject. Other tests of its diet show that it prefers humans more than any type of flesh/meat. This leads many to believe that SCP-3672 is capable of a mass massacre if mistreated physically or mentally.

SCP-3672 was found May ██, 19██ in █████, WV. The Foundation arrived at a number of police officers examining a large impact site. SCP-3672 was found unconscious next to SCP-3672-1 and was contained without incident. All witnesses were escorted back to their residences and dosed with Class-A amnestics. When interviewed about its origin, SCP-3672 states that she came from her home planet out of refuge from an unknown plague that endangered her species. This plague is yet to be identified. Another one of its species also survived this plague and went to refuge as well, its location was specified in small detail, but a search party will look through the area told from SCP-3672.

Interview Log 3672a

Date: March ██, 20██
Interviewee: SCP-3672
Interviewer: Dr. █████


Dr. █████ : Hello SCP-3672, If you are capable of speech, please answer me.

3672: Oh, uh… I guess I can speak your language or something…

Dr. █████ : SCP-3672, You are acknowledging that you are multilingual, is this correct?

3672: No, I can only speak this one language…

Dr. █████ : Alright. The Foundation has appointed me to this interview to ask you questions concerning SCP-3672-1.

3672: My room? What about it?

Dr. █████ : SCP-3672-1 is your living quarters?

3672: You didn’t know? It is just an ordinary room, not like it’s some torture device.

Dr. █████ : Noted.

Dr. █████ : (to O5 Command) We will attempt to ask permission to investigate SCP-3672-1 in further detail.

Dr. █████ : Would it be, erm… okay with you if we send a research team into your “room”?

3672: Uh, yeah… b-but don’t search through my “███████”…

Dr. █████ : (to O5 Command) Permission granted by SCP Object. Proceed to schedule investigation.

Dr. █████ : What is this “███████” you speak of?


Dr. █████ : SCP-3672, I am asking politely for you to explain what you are speaking of.

(SCP-3672 seems to be in a very agitated state.)

3672: Can we please m-move on with the other questions?…

Dr. █████ : (sighs in disappointment) Alright. Record show of an unusual oral trait of yours. Would you care to explain this in further detail?

3672: What do you mean unusual oral trait?

Dr. █████ : We are talking about your oral abilities concerning feeding.

3672: Oh, well… I can make my teeth retract back into my gums or whatever you call them. I also have this split mandible thingie that uh… is related to a snake.

Dr. █████ : Noted. You seem to know about reptiles of the suborder Serpentes?

3672: Oh yeah, I requested a book about reptiles from you guys about a few weeks ago…

Dr. █████ : Ah, I remember. Has this book affected you in any way?

3672: Well, the only thing that it did was make me know more about how I’m related to most reptiles.

Dr. █████ : Alright. The interview is now concluded. Thank you for cooperating, SCP-3672

3672: I guess it’s always nice to have visitors, hope to see you soon.


Interview Log 3672b

Date: April ██, 20██
Interviewee: SCP-3672
Interviewer: Dr. █████


Dr. █████ : Greetings, Subject 3672, I am Dr. █████, and this will be your.. Second.. Interview, correct?

3672: Yeah, I think so…

Dr. █████ : I see. Do you have a name we should call you by? If so, state it.

3672: █████████ should be fine…

Dr. █████ : █████████..? Would you like to tell us more on to why you have this name? It’s an odd name for a.. visitor like you.

3672: I was born with this name, most of the species I use to live with had similar names, mostly consisting of that concept.

Dr. █████ : Where did you come from..?

3672: I don’t remember the name, but I know what it looked like.

Dr. █████ : Odd. How does SCP-3672-1 fly… Your spaceship. Or what you call “my room”.

3672: Oh, there’s a control room. It’s inactive right now. I would breach out of containment, but I wouldn’t be rude to you guys… I feel safe here.

Dr. █████ : What can you tell us about your society?

3672: …My species is long gone, endangered now to the point of extinction. There’s only a few of us left…

(SCP-3672 seems very worried about this topic.)

Dr. █████ : Would you like to explain what happened to them?

3672: A plague, a brutal one. It swept through the planet very quickly, a disaster… and I know that Earth wouldn’t last long with this plague. It wouldn’t even last a year…

Dr. █████ : This, plague, did you perhaps carry it here. We may have to do a full quarantine on you.

3672: No, I am sure I don’t have it. I would be dead by now if I were.

Dr. █████ : Perhaps, but we just need to make sure. We don’t need the entire Earth’s population to drop like your species did.

3672: You humans are a good society, much like my old one. I feel like this is home already…

Dr. █████ : I wouldn’t get too comfy here. The only reason you’re still here is that, if the public knew about you, they’d… Do something extremely painful to you. You wouldn’t last long out there.

3672: Is it really that horrible out there?

Dr. █████ : They’re afraid about most things that are.. abnormal if you will. This place contains most of these.. creatures.

3672: Right… but—

(SCP-3672 pauses for a moment.)

3672: I’m not the only one on Earth here… there are others. I am uncertain of their condition though.

Dr. █████ : So, there are other species of yours here as well..?

3672: My brother evacuated with me, I don’t know where he landed, but you must act quickly before anything happens to him… I don’t know how much longer he can be out there.

Dr. █████ : Were they with you during your crash landing..?

3672: Oh, we evacuate in our own ships, he crashed somewhere farther from here…

Dr. █████ : We’ll be sending a mobile task force soon, it shouldn’t be hard before the public find their ship.

3672: Well, all I know is that he might’ve landed around a place you call “█████”…

Dr. █████ : Hmm. We’ll send a search party.

3672: Alright… be careful though.


SCP-3672 is a humanoid, given by the looks of things, it’s from another universe. It is unclear how it found Earth, however, it is unknown whether it’s here by accident or on purpose. It’s very intelligent, and speaks perfect and fluent English, and can manipulate others to understand them. It is unknown if it’s origin is from Earth, or from another planet. Dr. █████ had interviewed them before, however, it leads to an unleading surprise. The object class is Euclid for now until it is deemed safe. We will be sending this creature to the ██████████, on May ██, 20██.