Item #: SCP-2715

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2715 is to be contained in a 5m X 5m X 5m airtight steel cell at all times unless being transported to temporary containment1 or during scheduled cleanings. This cell is to be outfitted with a remotely operated water circulation system treated with no fewer than 20g of fluoride. Personnel interacting with water entering and exiting SCP-2715's containment chamber are required to wear Level 5 HAZMAT equipment at all times and pass through a decontamination room at the conclusion of their shift. Any personnel who have physically contacted either SCP-2715 or an object/entity exposed to SCP-2715 are to be quarantined and, if necessary, terminated.

The primary containment cell (henceforth designated A-Cell) is to remain suspended by no fewer than six (6) concrete beams conjoined to the lower, side, and upper walls as well as the exterior room. The beams themselves are lined with steel to prevent structural failure and can withstand forces in excess of 300 N. As with the cell itself, each beam must be thoroughly inspected and recorded for structural integrity by designated maintenance personnel (Y-Units 36-39) on a biweekly basis. The single access point to the cell is a remotely operated HMCL-IV Urchuk2 gate that is to remain closed at all times unless by special order of O5 Command. When opening the gate, no fewer than two (2) Level 4 security personnel must be present, each depressing a separate button on the corresponding access terminal.

In the event of a containment breach, no fewer than four (9) D-Class personnel are to be immobilized and transported inside A-Cell. On-site security personnel are to terminate one D-Class every twenty minutes until SCP-2715 exhibits a marked response and makes an effort to move towards the containment area. Should the initial supply of D-Class personnel be depleted while attempting to attract the subject, staff are permitted to utilize individuals within the D-Class holding area not originally designated for testing involving SCP-2715. There are currently no regulations regarding the maximum number of D-Class personnel that may be terminated during recapture, and all surviving D-Class personnel within A-Cell upon SCP-2715's return are to be presumed KIA.

The secondary containment cell (henceforth designated B-Cell) is for auxiliary use only and may not function as a permanent housing unit. Staff are advised to only use B-Cell while attempting to recapture SCP-2715 should it fail to enter A-Cell. As B-Cell lacks the security mechanisms of its counterpart, transporting SCP-2715 from B-Cell to A-Cell is to be considered an Alpha-level objective and completed as soon as possible by MTF Whiskey-42 "Red Rangers". All personnel within a 300m radius during transportation are considered expendable and are not to be touched, manipulated, or moved in any way upon their termination until collected and deemed safe by Whiskey-42.

Should escape attempts decrease in frequency by at least 20%, SCP-2715 is to be reclassified as Keter.

Termination Order 2715-01-A: As of ██/██/████, thirty-six (36) site personnel have petitioned O5 Command for consent to commence the termination of SCP-2715 due to frequent containment breaches resulting in major loss of Foundation and civilian life as well as the inherent incapacity of the Foundation to reliably contain it. A response from O5 command is pending Request granted; termination trials are to commence on ██/██/████ and will continue until O5 Command has received confirmation of death.

Description: SCP-2715 designates a bipedal, humanoid creature approximately 2.08m in height and of unknown weight. The general physique of the specimen closely resembles that of a human but cannot be completely discerned as it is constantly encapsulated by a United States EVA spacesuit manufactured sometime during the 1990's. SCP-2715 is animate and considered both sentient and sapient; however, it is unable to communicate with Foundation personnel due to a breathing apparatus within its helmet that muffles all sound.

SCP-2715 seems to be completely unaffected by gravity and will remain suspended unless acted upon by an external force. It is capable of directing its movements to an extent by impacting walls and grasping surfaces, but will generally refrain from doing this, preferring to simply remain motionless. Attempts to artificially increase the force of gravity within SCP-2715's containment chamber have proved futile.

When exposed to an unknown number of humans, believed to be between five and thirty, SCP-2715 will begin periodically emitting a 292Hz radio signal currently assumed to be a live performance of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. All individuals within the affected radius are strongly compelled to move towards SCP-2715 and remove its helmet despite the subject attempting to push itself away or otherwise deflect the aforementioned personnel. SCP-2715 will use any means possible to prevent the removal of its helmet, including [REDACTED]. Should SCP-2715's helmet be removed, [DATA EXPUNGED]. This occurrence is designated a Theta-level event.

The interior of SCP-2715's helmet is completely obscured by an unknown substance, speculated to be an anti-fogging agent. Attempts to identify SCP-2715 have thus far been inconclusive; however, the United States government has stated that the suit belongs to Michael "Pulsar" ████████, the commander of Expedition ██ who was lost during a spacewalk and classified as KIA. The Foundation is unable to verify the validity of this claim.

WARNING: O5-1 Approval Required

The file you are attempting to access is available to personnel with 05-1 clearance only. This clearance is not included in general 05 security protocol.

Item #: SCP-2715-01

Object Class: [REDACTED]


Description: SCP-2715-01 designates a currently identified parasitic entity of extraterrestrial origin currently residing within Michael "Pulsar" ████████'s nervous system. The specimen is anaerobic and does not require oxygen to function, but will actively seek out sources of water for an unknown reason. SCP-2715-01 is not currently regarded as sentient or sapient.

Michael ████████, a former NASA astronaut lost during Expedition ██, functions as SCP-2715-01's host. All available evidence suggests he is being kept alive artificially by SCP-2715-01 but still retains cognitive control, as indicated by his attempts to push subjects affected by SCP-2715-01's signal away. There is currently no known way to interrupt, disrupt, or otherwise silence the aforementioned signal.

Upon successfully removing SCP-2715's helmet, the individual closest to SCP-2715 (and, by extension, SCP-2715-01) will be grabbed by the neck and pulled into the suit by a series of translucent tendrils within a period of 2.4 seconds. The interior of the suit is lined with a currently unidentified enzyme that gradually digests the victim over a period of several months, during which time the subject remains alive and occupies the suit in a manner similar to Michael ████████. Subjects will often seek assistance and vocally request termination during the digestion process.

Once a victim has been completely digested, SCP-2715 will return to its prior state. It is unknown how both Michael ████████ and the victim occupy the suit simultaneously; some site personnel have suggested that the parasite imitates ████████ as a hunting mechanism or has somehow conjoined his body to the lining of the suit through currently unknown means. Further analysis regarding this is pending O5 approval.

The signal emitted by SCP-2715 is, as noted in the above document, a live performance of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. Sound appears to be emitted by a radio apparatus located on the lower-back portion of the suit; the compulsory component of this seems to operate on the subconscious level, as subjects do not report approaching SCP-2715 willingly. Further testing is ongoing, but is not to be denoted in Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 documentation.

Addendum I: Log 2715-01-A

The following is a conversation between Researcher Sami and D-2651. The latter was captured by SCP-2715 following a Theta-level event. Digestion had been ongoing for approximately two months.


Researcher Sami: (off-mic) Yes, I understand. D-2651, can you hear me?

D-2651: (inaudible)

Researcher Sami: D-2651, I need you to respond.

D-2651: (inaudible)…hurts…

At this point, Researcher Sami orders two D-Class personnel into SCP-2715's containment chamber. Removal of SCP-2715's helmet verifies that the parasite is in a feeding state and is relatively harmless.

Researcher Sami: Hold the microphone closer to her. Okay. D-2651, can you hear me?

D-2651: Yes…

Researcher Sami: Good. I know you are in a great deal of pain, but -

D-2651: (inaudible)…me. Please kill me.

Researcher Sami: I'm afraid I cannot do that. If I give you some morphine, will you -

D-2651: It hurts…please, just kill me.

Researcher Sami: D-2651, I need you to describe what is happening to you in detail. I will give you some morphine if you cooperate with me.

D-2651: I…(pause)…It's (inaudible) me. I can't feel any…anything below my knee. (sobbing) Please kill me.

Researcher Sami: Can you move your arms for me?

D-2651 shifts in the suit for a moment.

D-2651: No…no, I can't…feel…(trails off)

Researcher Sami: Very well. Have you seen the specimen? Can you describe it?

D-2651: It's in me.

Researcher Sami: Can you -

D-2651: Please kill me.

D-2651 refuses to speak to Researcher Sami any further. The latter petitions the site supervisor for permission to administer morphine; this is denied. On ██/██/████, D-2651 was pronounced deceased, and SCP-2175 returned to its prior state.