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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a safe at Site-██, with the combination of the electric lock changed bi-weekly and only given to Dr. ████ and Site Director ██████.
SCP-XXXX can be issued for testing by Dr. ████, the head researcher on SCP-XXXX
As of incident XXXX-09-199█, SCP-XXXX is not to be used for testing unless a detailed schedule for the tests is sent to Site Director ██████ and accepted.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a knife, seeming to be a simple knife with an ivory handle.
The blade is 6cm long and seems on observation to be constructed of either steel or a steel-like substance. However, due to the anomalous properties listed below, the blade's composition has not been determined by testing.

Carbon dating has determined the handle to be around ███-███ years old, dating back to around the 1880s. It is indeterminable whether the handle is the original handle of the knife or a newer one, replacing an older handle. However, both the blade and the handle appear to be in pristine condition, showing almost no signs of aging.
On the middle of the handle is the engraving 'J.t.R.', what it could stand for has been speculated by Dr. ████ to be [DATA REDUCTED], but there is no way to prove it. In addition, the initials MC&D appear to have been branded on the other side of the handle at some point in its existence.

SCP-XXXX was found in █████, England, where it was used by D█████ █████, a convicted serial killer, to enable his escape from local police. The report of a serial killer that didn't approach his victims or enter their homes, while they were found [DATA REDACTED], brought the Foundation's attention to the case.

Agents B███, S█████ and A█████ worked with local police in order to apprehend D█████, the incident resulting in the deaths of D█████ and Agent B███, in addition to the deaths of █ members of the local police force and the severe wounding of Agent S█████ and █ members of the local police force. All non-Foundation personnel who witnessed the incident were administered C-class amnestics.

The ownership and whereabouts of SCP-XXXX prior to containment are unknown, as D█████ was neutralized in the process of securing the SCP and no clues as to his procurement of the item were found in his home or workplace. Dr. ████ has hypothesized that SCP-XXXX originates from [DATA REDACTED], although his theory doesn't account for nearly 100 years of inactivity from the supposed original owners of SCP-XXXX.

During its containment at Site-██, thorough testing has revealed that SCP-XXXX:

  • Can't cut or pierce its wielder in any way.
  • When used to cut or pierce living human tissue, doesn't cut the sample it's used on in XX% of the times used on that particular subject.
  • When the previous method is used, a random human being within a 20m radius receives the cut that the aforementioned subject should receive, with the wielder being immune to this.
  • When a piece of living human tissue is cut, with the wielder focusing on cutting a different subject, the subject being focused on will receive the cut in XX% of cases, depending on the wielder's concentration.
  • In all cases mentioned above, the section cut is the same on the receiver of the wound and the subject the blade is run over. In the case of the receiver not having the same body part, the wound appears on the part of the receiver's body closest in similarity to the part being cut.
  • Does not cut or pierce through any animal hide, skin or flesh.
  • Cuts dead tissue and inanimate objects like a regular knife of its type would.

For a list of some of the properties SCP-XXXX has been observed to be capable of, refer to Experiment log XXXX-XX

It should be mentioned that in no case has the blade been observed to actually make contact with anything being cut, as microscopic research has shown that a perfect vacuum is maintained between 0.3-0.5nm from any part of the blade, with the broadest vacuum near the base of the blade, decreasing in width by only 0.2nm as it reaches the tip.
How this property of SCP-XXXX is generated is unknown, but a minuscule, nearly undetectable reading of energy constantly escapes the vacuum surrounding the blade, leading to the hypothesis that some mechanism of unknown technology and make is inside it, but modern technology doesn't offer a method to test it.

Addendum 14-09-199█: SCP-XXXX is not to be used in any form of testing without approval from Site Director ██████ as of Incident XXXX-XX-XXX and any requests for tests involving SCP-XXXX are to be issued to Site Director ██████ with a minimum of one week prior to testing, in order to prevent a similar incident from occurring.

Addendum 19-09-199█: All research staff tasked with SCP-XXXX are to cease all research and testing into the object itself and focus all resources into investigating world-wide data of obscure or mysterious killings, in an effort to locate possible similar anomalous instances. These investigations will be funded until sufficient proof has been given that no similar anomalous instances have been discovered, sold or distributed by Marchall, Carter, & Dark Ltd.