Cruel Angel's Thesis (Pre-Q)

Containment procedures currently in effect for SCP-401a0 may be found under the SCP-401a0 entry in the main list, or by clicking here.

Note: This iteration of containment procedures for SCP-401a0 has been entirely deprecated following the loss of Operation "Rebuild". It is to be kept available until such time as SCP-401a0 is neutralized. This Level 0 Clearance documentation was originally produced at the request of the Japanese government to conceal the nature of SCP-401a0 from becoming general knowledge within the Foundation and its partner States. This was only permitted by explicit authorization of the O5 Council, and only because Japan ceded sovereignty to the Foundation for the purposes of containing SCP-401a0. The contemporaneous Level 4 Clearance documentation describes containment efforts and characteristics of SCP-401a0 in greater detail. Like this document, the contemporaneous Level 4 Clearance documentation has been deprecated for unified Level 4 Clearance "Post-Q" documentation. All operatives of JOT 2016-11, Foundation or otherwise, must review this information prior to proceeding to the current, "Post-Q" document, which reflects current containment procedures. We messed up bad, people.


A promotional image for SCP-401a0-aleph.

Item #: SCP-401a0

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The episodes and films which cause SCP-401a0 have been publicly available for more than two decades, and cannot at present be contained by either mundane or anomalous means. Two concurrent operations with the aim of neutralizing SCP-401a0 are currently underway.

Operation "Rebuild" is a concerted attempt to shrink and eventually eliminate the spread of SCP-401a0. "Studio khara", a Foundation front, has been producing works featuring nearly identical characters and similar events as those featured in SCP-401a0's aggregate exposure vector, but with a deliberately reduced emotive effect on the viewer.

Operation "Moe" is a partially-retired attempt to avoid the re-occurrence of anomalies with an aggregate exposure vector. This operation was formed in response to SCP-401a0, but has a broader ambit covering similarly anomalous phenomena. Operation Moe would have covertly influenced animated television programs in Japan to comply with a series of tropes had been determined least likely to trigger the empathetic response which is believed to be a component of aggregate anomalous transmission. Before Operation Moe could commence, Foundation analysts realized that the relevant industry was self-complying with the Operation's stated goals, despite no documented influence from the Foundation. Operation Moe was then retasked with covertly disrupting the adoption of streaming services by Japanese industry, which formed a component of the general defense against anomalous effects from aggregate exposure vectors. Operation Moe continues to this day, though the near-universal progress of similarly-developed countries toward adopting streaming services as a means of delivering content continues to threaten the covert nature of the operation.

Description: SCP-401a0 is an anomalously conveyed personality change, or possibly a collection of interrelated mental disorders, caused by viewing all episodes of the animated television program "Neon Genesis Evangelion"1 in conjunction with the cinematic films2 which continue the television program's story. These items are collectively referred to as SCP-401a0-aleph. When 401a0-aleph is viewed in its entirety (excluding beginning credits, end credits, and the next episode preview) the following changes are observed in the viewer:

  1. A permanent cognitive deficit (subconscious) of 8%. Most of the afflicted acknowledge this impairment generally, and refer to it as "trying to figure out the series/films."
  2. AX-Class Personality and Morality shift, RA/AS3, producing obsessive behavior focused on any single character which (a) appears in 401a0-aleph, and (b) who is depicted in the story as being 13-14 years old, and (c) is not the character "Shinji Ikari". The focus of this behavior is always compatible to the afflicted's pre-existing gender-related sexual preferences.4

By the time its anomaly-generating properties were uncovered, SCP-401a0-aleph had become the locus of a billion-dollar merchandising empire, which continues to exist to the current day, albeit in a form reduced by Operation "Rebuild"'s adulteration. 401a0-aleph is culturally and memetically resistant to censorship and/or omission, though this is not believed to be an anomalous effect.

Attempts to neutralize SCP-401a0 through Operation "Rebuild" have failed. The most recent release, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo5 has caused a public backlash which has made 401a0-aleph more culturally relevant than ever. Alternative solutions are currently being explored.

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