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Wheeler wakes up with a hole in space where the love of his life should be

Civilisation breaks, like a spell

The shroud drops

A day arrives when humans no longer exist, other than strictly biologically

A feeling of weightlessness, as if gravity upends and points to the back of the auditorium, and the human world plunges into the abyss

The last chunk of soil drops out from beneath your toes

The Foundation as an entire entity collectively realises simultaneously what's happening, sees the visage which surrounds their whole reality, and collectively winks out or ceases to be

It feels like someone should save us all at the last minute
But nobody does

At the instant Red arrives what if all the extradimensional connections from Earth break off, trapping it, as if that's the plan
Multiversal gates slam shut, freaky mirrors turn white, portals shrink into nothing
Because the objective is to isolate SCP-3125 in a single contained universe
…this would give the impression that SCP-3125 is Apakht from my SCP-001 proposal I guess
…not the worst crosslink in the world, would need some thought
…could give rise to a finale in which someone brains Red with SCP-001-Q
…or maybe this is part of a significantly greater plan about which humans and the Earth-bound Foundation can never be fully informed, and will go on for some time

He sees dark figures with glowing eyes a la Rusty Lake
"White holes"

Right up to the end and past it, he's thinking:
"This can't happen. It can't be real. Someone will stop it. Someone will step in. There should be someone. Whose job it is. To stop things like this."
But it turns out that everybody wants it

"Maybe it won't be as bad"
But it is.

His brain wrenched off its axis
And he becomes something which is human only in the biological sense

Black Death of the mind

Disconnection scenario
Who blew the connections?