My First SPC Edit 1 QuackCoyote

Author: QuackCoyote


Object Class: Euclid
Clearance-Level: 2

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a containment cell 7x7x10 m outfitted with 10 cm aluminium plating and a television mounted behind 7 cm thick security glass in the western wall, video surveillance as The object will occasionally signal foundation staff for interaction with other SCP's. (This interaction is advised to only be with SCP-999 as we know it has no malicious intent, Interaction with SCP-131 is pending approval)
amenities are not to be provided unless it is cooperative in assisting Foundation staff with tasks that normally would harm foundation staff, during these tasks SCP-XXXX supervised by a Foundation member based upon the task SCP-XXXX is assigned and must be within 30 m of a cement mixer, if the object is not within 30 m of a cement mixer it will draw from other sources of the place it is in, the extent of the structural damage depends on how much the object draws from the source to repair damage done to itself. Only personnel with level 2 clearance are allowed to enter SCP-XXXX's containment chamber

SCP is a mass of cement resembling a gargoyle found in ████████ Canada, it is composed of regular cement standing at 2.1 m and has 6 cm claws with its wingspan at 1.2 m these wings can be used for locomotion, the object exhibits an ability to morph its extremities into blunt force weapons. The documented weapons are the following, A shield that is 2 feet in diameter capable of withstanding 7000 PSI on the left hand, a hammer on the right hand capable of destroying a 4 door sedan with 2 strikes, and a flail bound a chain concealed
in SCP-XXXX's right wrist. The object also exhibits an ability to manipulate concrete to the point where it almost resilient to any type of damage, test conducted have shown the material to absorb the impact of a standard transport truck and 60 MPH the only damaged to have been observed on the manipulated cement are dents and scratches on the surface, the last trait that is observed in the object is that whenever an individual performs a good or bad action it will bet met with good karma or bad karma, SCP-XXXX is capable of communicating with foundation staff via etching sentences into wood or drywall.

Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX was discovered when ████ ████ a local rancher had seen the object flying and landing at and entering what seemed to be on old mine shaft of ████████ Mining, Once Foundation personnel was dispatched to the location of SCP-XXXX it would not exit the mine demonstrating fear towards personnel, upon which Agent ████████ managed to communicate with the object and coax it out and prep it for transfer to Site- ██ without incident.