Quantum fluid
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**Item #: SCP-1543

Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures: fluid can be contained with minimum surveilance within any container. Staff must be instructed not to drink fluid though this is not life threatening, fluid may be retrieved from ingestion through vomiting. handling of fluid requires firm grasp of fluid to be picked up and placed in container.

Description: SCP-1543 is an opaque purple fluid that is incapable of being separated from itself. Aswell as this SCP-1543 can not be drawn into any surface with capillary action, active transport of cells. Simple diffusion through permeable membranes is possible though extreamly slow.

As well as this it acts in reverse to non-newtonian fluids. SCP-1543 will act at atmospheric pressure (aprox. 100 KPa) with the viscosity of water, at higher pressures it becomes less viscos and will even enter negative viscosity at 1500KPa. At lower pressur it will increase in viscosity up to 0.03KPa where it will solidify maintaining its volume throughout. This change in state is completely independent on the temperature, it will never evapourate at any temperature possible to create on earth and is suspected to be able to survive temperatures of even the core of the sun,(though this is mearly wild speculation of the disengaged research team.) Testing of the fluid also shows that it absorbs the entire electromagnetic spectrum through all frequencies and uses it to emit its own light, giving it its floresent purple colour. This purple colour is the combination of only 4 wavelengths of light and is only a tiny fraction of the energy input.

The property of intrest is that it not only is it seemingly impossible to separate through many test, but how it acts when an atempt is made. If SCP-1543 is poured from one container to another at room pressure the fluid will act as expected. However if pouring is interrupted before the pouring glass is empty, by righting the container, the fluid will persist in both containers with a solid form of SCP-1543 rising out of one container and into the other via the shortest unobstructed route. (it literally forms a solid coloumn of itself to join the sections of fluid. This column is consistently 1mm2(one millimetre squared) in cross-section.) All tests to draw the fluid through pipes less than 1mm2 fail to do so. This indicates that it may have a state of internal Tension (negative pressure) when drawn into such a shape. The solid is impossible to break by any means, heat cutting fails to work, edged attempts through shearing the solid prove that although the pressure should turn it to liquid it is counteracted by its defining inability to separate. The liquids held within the containers act as liquids with only the rising column being the only difference.

Undergoing tests seem to demonstrait that it is miscible in water and takes the full volume of the combined liquids however if the liquid is poured the water will decanter off first and then SCP-1543 after. Further tests into all of these physics defying traits should be taken, as attempts to use the liquid as a means of radiation protection is important.

Replication of the fluid is ongoing and at time of writing is unsuccessful.

To all those who want this as their own "go ahead, but I want in on the tests" signed Lewis Walker