Uncertainly delicious and probably nutritious.


SCP-XXXX, focused on the region of [REDACTED] while closed

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid (see Incident XXXX-2)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain sealed in a specialized containment safe capable of controlling temperature and the presence of liquids or gases and their average density. A camera must continuously monitor SCP-XXXX. Should SCP-XXXX assume an exceedingly odd appearance (see Incident XXXX-2), personnel are to investigate further. When not being used in an experiment, SCP-XXXX is to remain closed. Experimentation is to take place in a Level 12 Full Environmental Control Clean Room (see FD:110-8766:9.10 “Issue of Standards for Experimental Laboratories”). Experiments require the approval of the Site Director and must be overseen by at least one Level 4 personnel. No radiological, bio-hazardous or anomalous materials may be used in experimentation without approval from at least one O5 Council member.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small cylindrical jar with an internal volume of 794.43 cm³. SCP-XXXX is apparently indestructible, both the ceramic material and the paint having proven to be unalterable by any means. All observations that have been preformed indicate that SCP-XXXX is made of non-anomalous materials.


SCP-XXXX, focused on the region of [REDACTED] while open

SCP-XXXX will change its internal and external appearance once every six hours. It has so far always changed to match real places, of varying location and scale, and the painting detail of these locations varies. SCP-XXXX's depictions will change in real time with the location it is depicting; alterations in the terrain of the targeted location are immediately reflected in SCP-XXX's appearance regardless of distance. The internal appearance of the jar itself appears to display a top down view of the location, the internal and external view of the lid displays the 'sky' of the location. Viewing the outside of the jar displays a panoramic view of the location. Notable locations SCP-XXXX has targeted include:

  • Site-191.
  • Its current location2.
  • The continent of Europe.
  • Mt. Olympus Mons, Mars3.
  • The Andromeda galaxy.

Whenever any object is placed inside SCP-XXXX and the lid is closed for over a minute, or if the object is inside SCP-XXXX while SCP-XXXX changes locations, the object will vanish and appear at the destination. These objects are scaled up proportionally to the size of other objects depicted in the scenery. (e.g If a cube with an edge of length 1 meter is depicted with an edge length of 1 centimeter in SCP-XXXX, and cube of edge length 2 centimeters is placed inside, the resulting cube will be scaled up to have an edge length of 2 meters.) The atoms themselves do not scale, rather, the required matter is simply created. It is unknown how SCP-XXXX achieves this. For a full list of experiments, please see Experiment Log XXXX.

Recovery Log: SCP-XXXX was recovered in an ancient shrine in ███████, Japan, along with SCP-████ and SCP-███. It is estimated that the shrine had collapsed ████ years ago, and SCP-XXXX had remained untouched since then. It was left on display in Site-██, due to its apparently non-anomalous nature. After Incident XXXX-1 (see below), SCP-XXXX was given its current classification and experiments were undertaken.

Recovered Document XXXX-1: The following is a translation of a document found with SCP-XXXX. Certain portions were illegible or did not translate from any known language.

seeing is [untranslated, similar to “考える” or roughly “think”]
we have [illegible] a window
that sees [untranslated, same word as in first line]

Incident Summary XXXX-1: On █/██/████, SCP-XXXX was left open. A house fly (Musca domestica) entered SCP-XXXX as it changed, and reappeared in ███ █████, ██████. The fly's proportions had increased by a factor of ██.███. As expected, [REDACTED]4. ██ casualties were sustained along with ██ injuries. Cleanup was undertaken by MTF Kappa-12 and Class A amnestics were administered due to the extreme trauma caused by [REDACTED].

Incident Summary XXXX-2: On 1/██/20██, SCP-XXXX's external appearance assumed a completely black color. Upon opening SCP-XXXX, researchers described viewing what appeared to be “a web of individual luminous points.” Further analysis revealed a portion of it to be similar to the structure of the current observable universe, leading researchers to believe it was targeting the entire universe. The chamber was immediately evacuated to a near vacuum and a small amount of hydrogen gas pumped into the chamber. SCP-XXXX was sealed in this environment and moved to a cryogenic cooler, upon which the temperature around it was lowered to approximately 4º K. After six hours had passed, SCP-XXXX changed locations. Observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation indicated a minor increase in temperature that rapidly vanished. Cover story of hardware malfunction due to unforeseen solar flare was implemented.

Addendum – Abridged Incident Report XXXX-5:5
Incident Report: On ██-█-████, SCP-XXXX targeted a rural landscape which was completely yellow in color. A monitor alert was issued by staff site as described in the Standard Euclid Containment Protocols handbook. Large lifeforms of unknown origin traversed the landscape. It was noted by one staff member that multiple smaller life forms were spotted on the horizon from the side of SCP-XXXX. Visual observation confirmed motion was occurring but could not identify positively if the motion was from living subjects. After six hours, SCP-XXXX targeted █████████, ███████ and the monitor alert was called off.
Post Incident: Contact with Site-██ confirmed testing with SCP-093 was underway at the time of this incident. Collaboration between research staff SCP-XXXX and SCP-093 is under way to determine if SCP-XXXX had in fact targeted the SCP-093 dimension. Contingency procedures are being prepared by Senior HMCL Advisor █████████ if SCP-XXXX is capable of targeting other dimensions or universes.