Queen of roses

Item #: 3149

Object Class: Euclid


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3149 is to be contained in a 32 x 40 containment cell in Research Sector-██.
stored in Site-19. At all times, three guards is to stay close to the containment cell.
The containtment cell is to hold one 1800s themed bird cage, a bookshelf and One chair.
3149 is to have acces to basic human needs such as Food, Water and toilet.

Description: SCP-3149 is a 5' 6.5" middle aged woman in her early 40s with brown curly hair, Blue eyes, High cheek bones which is highlighted by unknown makeup, eyeshadow and Pink/Purple-ish lipstick. SCP-3149 is dresses in a Purple victorian jacket with eight buttons on each side, sixteen in total, a light grey scarf, A loose hanging headwear made out of unknown fine materiales, and a light brown dress.

SCP-3149 possesses the ability to use Biokinesis, If anyone is withing reach of SCP-3149 while its in an agitated state SCP-3149 will reach out for the subject and give it a disease.

Current known diseases to be infected with Plague, Ebola, Meningitis and Malaria.