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Item #: 1387

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any instances SCP-1387-01 or SCP-1387 found are to be immediately reported to Foundation employees. Under no circumstances should any individual attempt to destroy or otherwise alter an instance of SCP-1387 themselves. When found, a full biohazard squad with no less than five (5) members must destroy the colony via class-B microbe-destroying gas, check for surrounding colonies, and block off the area to civilans for at twenty-four (24) hours.

Ten (10) instances of SCP-1387-01 are to be kept by the Foundation at a time, in a 3m by 3m by 3m 10 cm thick steel room with four (4) survaillience cameras positioned at each corner of the room. Absolutely NO furnishings or loose objects of any kind are to be allowed in the room, unless used specifically for testing.

Any staff testing SCP-1387 must wear Chemturion Level-A isolation suits, and any individuals suspected of coming into contact with SCP-1387 must be subjected to standard decontamination and quarantined for ten (10) days.

Description: SCP-1387 is the designation for a species of microbe in the genus [DATA EXPUNGED], which possesses the unique trait of having the ability to make microscopic "colonies" similar to anthills or beehives out of whatever material is around it, regardless of weight, temperature, (unless said material is a liquid or gas,) or hardness, hereby referred to as SCP-1387-01. 24-hour observation periods have given the impression that SCP-1387 only builds when it is not being watched. Therefore, the method by which it builds is unknown. Another theory is that the colonies build themselves, which seems absurd, but comparing the first and last frames on video observation have shown noticeable difference in colony size, so this is entirely possible. Request to leave a colony alone for several years to see how big it gets pending. The biggest colony to date is barely macroscopic, and was at first blamed on a bump in a floor, until it started getting bigger. Microscopes revealed SCP-1387-01, along with the microbes.

The anomaly of SCP-1387 that makes it of interest to the Foundation, however, is not that it builds instances of SCP-1387-01, but that it causes inexplicable movement in inanimate objects. SCP-1387 is infectious, and this is what starts the anomaly. Current data shows this time table:

  • 0 hours: First infection, no signs of SCP-1387.
  • 3 hours: Subject generally starts to feel dizzy or lightheaded.
  • 5 hours: Subject requires sleep, and will fall asleep within an hour regardless of location. Currently theorized that this time is needed for SCP-1387 to prepare for invasion.
  • 10 hours: Subject wakes up, and has splotches of blue gelitan on entire body. This gel is made up entirely of SCP-1387 and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Any attempts to get the gel off will result in more taking its place. Samples have shown [REDACTED]. Whenever this gel touches a loose object (loose defined as not attatched to anything, and between 1 cm and 30 m in average length,) the object will become mobile by logical means of locomotion, i.e. balls will roll places, folding chairs will contract and expand, tables will move their legs on axles to move. See Document 1387-1a for full Experiment Log of various objects. The energy source for this locomotion is currently unknown.
  • 24 hours: Blue gel stops producing, and subject will go to nearest colony and lay on top of it. Attempts to stop subjects from doing this have been met with extreme violence and increased strength. Source of strength is currently unknown.
  • 36 hours: All instances of SCP-1387 have left subject's body. Subject will have hazy memory of experiences, and will be extremely tired after being a carrier.

SCP-1387 is also partially sentient, when in instances of SCP-1387-01, and basic communication has been set up with SCP-1387 via infecting a computer with a word document open. See Document 1387-1b for interview with SCP-1387.

Note: This thing is baffling. Not only does it build its own colonies, it does so with some sort of magical "now you see me, now you don't" deal. And that's not the half of it. It makes things vastly bigger than it move! If anyone has any sort of idea as to how it works, now would be an excellent time to let me know. I know we have more important things at the Foundation to worry about, but if we could use that same kind of energy source, we could do a lot more work, a lot faster.
Doctor ████████

Addendum: It has now been theorized that the locomotion in inanimate objects is to move the objects closer to any instances of SCP-1387-01, saving the microbes a rather impossible trip. The microbes are then able to extract materials from the objects to feed or build their colonies.

Document 1387-1a
Experiment Log 1387-01

Experiment: Subject infected with SCP-1387.
Result: After showing the above symptoms, and waking up after ten hours, (five hours of sleep,) he proceeded to notice the gel on his body, visibly panicked, and screamed while running erratically around the room, brushing up against several objects including:

  • his bed,
  • a mirror,
  • a bedside table,
  • several books,
  • a lamp,
  • his cell window.

After subject calmed down, he continually attempted to wipe the gel on his pants, but it was constantly replaced. After about five (5) minutes, the objects he had brushed up against began to move in various ways. The bed began to roll across the floor on its wheels, (part of standard-issue cell beds,) the mirror detatched itself from the wall, cracking, and began to flip across the floor, in the same direction as the bed. (Note: the damage to the mirror did not appear to impede its progress whatsoever.) The bedside table, which held books and a lamp on it, began to scoot across the floor by tipping, pivoting, and then righting itself, and then tipping, and so on and so forth. The books helped the table move by flapping open and scooting along the ground. The lamp also "helped," using it's electrical cord as a flagella by whipping it back and forth in a wave pattern. (Note: this shows that SCP-1387 has some amount of intelligence, as it used three separate components to achieve a goal.) His cell window did appear to attempt to move, but was attatched to the wall, and did nothing more than shake. Subject was yelling incoherently before his pants ripped and flew off his legs towards the spot all the objects had converged on. Subject ignored all further requests and fell into a sort of trance, walking over to the spot the objects had converged on, and lay on top of them.
Within 14 hours, all gel had disappeared, and a small bump had emerged noticeably in the floor. SCP-1387's properties are established.
That was a very useful test. We now know what this virus does, and it also provided quite a bit of entertainment.
Doctor B████████

Experiment: Subject put in a room with no furnishings of any sort and infected with SCP-1387.
Result: Shows normal signs of SCP-1387, wakes up after approximately 5 hours of sleep, shows no further signs of SCP-1387.
So this stuff doesn't do anything without furniture?
Doctor N███████

Experiment: Subject put in an unfurnished room except for one (1) Felis catus, or common housecat, and infected with SCP-[unknown].
Result: Shows normal signs of SCP-1387, when instructed to pet the cat, the cat tries to lick the gel off its fur. No abnormal signs from either subjects.
Guess it doesn't work on living tissue… wonder if it works on dead things?
Doctor P██████

Experiment: Subject put in unfurnished room with one (1) dead Felis catus, or common housecat, and infected with SCP-1387. Subject shows normal signs of SCP-1387. After waking up, when subject is told to touch the cat, subject expresses unhappiness, but continues.
Result: No abnormal effects whatsoever.
Guess not.
Doctor P██████

Experiment: Subject put in unfurnished room with one (1) Macintosh computer with a Microsoft Word document open, and infected with SCP-1387.
Result: Subject shows normal signs of SCP-1387. When asked to touch the computer, subject complies. After about 5 minutes, a soft beeping sound can be heard on the computer. Computer is designated not to be a threat. Doctor █████████ comes into room in full biohazard protection equipment. Doctor █████████ conducts unscheduled interview with SCP-1387 via Word document. For transcript of interview, see Document 1387-1b.

Experiment: Subject put in unfurnished room with SCP-018 and infected with SCP-1387.
Result: N/A, denied by 05-██
Seriously? Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Okay, no more testing, before somebody hurts themselves.

Testing discontinued by 05 ██.

End log.

Document 1387-1b


Doctor █████████

Doctor █████████ conducts unscheduled interview with SCP-1387 via Word document on a computer.

Doctor █████████: Hello, SCP-1387.

Words appear on screen: Heelo, Doctor.

Doctor █████████: Are you inside the computer right now?

Woords appear on screen: Thiis computr iss not good foodd.

Doctor █████████: Can you understand me, SCP-1387?

Words appear on screen: R yoo food? (Computer mouse flies upwards and hits Doctor █████████ in the forehead)

Doctor █████████: OW! Son of a bitch!

Words appear on screen: Not foood fit forr teh queenn.

Doctor █████████: I think this interveiw is over.

<End Log>

This proves that SCP-[unknown] is sentient, but doesn't appear to care about much besides hunger. I'm postponing all testing. We don't need to waste any more resources right now.
-Site Director █████