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An instance of SCP-2921-1, resembling a Blue Pit Viper

Item #: SCP-2921

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Routine examination of D-8864 is to take place in the presence of armed guards. All instances of SCP-2921 that appear during examination of D-8864 should be incapacitated through concentrated gun fire. Any captured instances will remain onsite for a period of one week to produce Compound SNK-8644. After this period, SCP-2921 is to be destroyed via incineration.

Description: Saul O███, The rift is approximately 0.3 meters in diameter, and can be visually identified by a "shimmering." No objects can enter SCP-2921, as any attempt will be met by an explusion of SCP-2921-1, henceforth called Brood events. If SCP-2921 is undisturbed for a period of one week, a Brood Event will commence.

SCP-2921-1 are snakes of various species that emerge during Brood events. SCP-2921-1 will often appear in numerous amounts, with the highest number to date totaling 324. Biologically, these snakes do not differ from their non-anomalous cousins. However, SCP-2921-1 instances are significantly more aggressive and hostile, often biting, constricting, or even cannibalizing each other. SCP-2921-1 will behave the same way towards any female in the Animalia kingdom.1

In the presence of a male member of the kingdom Animalia, SCP-2921-1 instances will adopt radically different behavioral traits. They will immediately pacify, and attempt to lure the male (henceforth the "prey.") to a false sense of security by using complex movements alongside rhythmic hissing. At a certain point, SCP-2921-1 will launch themselves at their prey, and demoblize them, usually through the constriction of the legs and lower torso. The size of the prey in question does not deter SCP-2921-1. Once demoblized, each instance will then [DATA EXPUNGED] until the prey is killed. All instances contained thus far are female.

Addendum 2921.1: All information regarding Compound SNK-8644 other than it's existence is restricted to Level-5 access only, and all research documents have been seized and sent off-site by the DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED ANOMALIES.

Addendum 2921.2: On May 17th, 2016, Foundation operatives conducted an investigation of the O████ residence, located 4 kilometers north of the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens. Under the cover of a search warrant, agents searched the property and found several pictures and videos, all depicting snakes mating. Hidden behind a false wall in the bedroom, agents found a single, massive SCP-2921-1 instance, coiled up. Laid out, the specimen measured 88 meters in length.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the SCP-2921-1 instance had sustained massive trauma, consistent with signs of abuse. Genetic testing of residue found within and surrounding the specimen matched that of Saul O████, with several other unidentified individuals.