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Still frame of a supposed live instance of SCP-2921-2. Source unknown.

Item #: SCP-2921

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2921 is to be quarantined in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-23. Experiments with SCP-2921 are only to be performed with D-Class personnel, with armed personnel on standby should SCP-2921-1 appear.

SCP-2921-1 that appear during examination of SCP-2921 should be incapacitated through concentrated gun fire and captured alive. The captured instance will remain onsite for observation for a period of one week, then terminated. Dead instances are to be dissolved in hydrobromic acid.

Description: SCP-2921 is the remains of one Saul Ortega, recovered from the Amazon rainforest on June 17th, 2014. The object exhibits incredible resilience, resisting temperatures of over 4000 degrees centigrade, and conventional explosive devices. Any physical damage is regenerated almost immediately, regardless of severity. SCP-2921's lower abdomen is ruptured, exposing three tendrils composed of endometrium, approximately 1 meter in length and 0.3 meters thick. These tendrils have small cavities within, which contain a mixture of water, enzymes, blood, and DNA matching that of Eunectes notaeus.1 Each tendril occasionally pulses and ejects the liquid within,indicating that an instance of SCP-2921-1 will appear. The birthing process consists of the instance being eject out one of the cavities at 40 km/h, potentially causing harm to those caught in its path.

SCP-2921-1 is a humanoid entity with serpentine features, varying from 0.6-1.3 meters in height. The bottom half of the consists of a tail 0.5 meters in length, and a reproductive system matching that of yellow anaconda. The top half consists of arms, breasts, and a head. The arms taper off into a three-fingered claw, and the head has human qualities, with the exception of the tongue, which is serpentine. All SCP-2921-1 instances contained thus far are female.

Discovery-2921: SCP-2921 was found by Agent Conlin investigating a report detailing the death of one Alejandro Ortega at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, Florida. SCP-2921 was found in a bedside cupboard, alongside medical reports indicating [REDACTED], prompting Foundation personnel to retrieve the body. Class A amnestics were issued to the family of Ortega and his attending doctors, then a cover story issued, listing the cause of death as heart failure.

Initial postmortem examination revealed no anomalous features, besides [REDACTED], and Ortega's remains were scheduled for disposal. As the body was being transported for incineration, the abdomen began to swell. Exploratory surgery found [DATA EXPUNGED]2 following the deaths of █ personnel, led to the creation of the current containment procedures.

Incident Report 2921-1: On August 6, 2016, during a routine patrol of the lower levels of Armed Containment Site-██, a naked, unconscious male was discovered next to the Low-Risk Depository, with noticeable bruising of the abdomen and pelvic region present. After securing the area, Agents moved the individual to the medical ward, where he awoke. DNA samples revealed his identity to be Saul Ortega, a former zookeeper at the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens, who was recently fired for "unsolicited activity" within the snake exhibit, and the grandson of Alejandro Ortega.

X-rays of Mr. Ortega's abdomen revealed a singular instance of SCP-2921-2, despite an obvious lack of a uterus. Per containment procedures, Mr. Ortega was confined and notified of the formation of a carcinoma within his rectum. Mr. Ortega expressed confusion at this, stating "are the children safe?" Mr. Ortega refused to clarify, and Class A amnestics had no effect on his memory. Before the decision could be made to use Class B or C amnestics, Mr. Ortega gave birth to twin instances3 of SCP-2921-2, with no prior signs of the instances' awakening. The instances were immediately terminated, and removed from the premises. Upon the instances' death, Mr. Ortega suffered a myocardial infarction, and died.

Postmortem examination found the presence of eggs matching that of a Crotalus adamanteus within the rectal cavity, alongside tiny nodules forming in the lining of the rectum. These nodules contain traces of DNA matching that of a Crotalus adamanteus. Over the course of the next 5 months, once per week, inspections were performed on Mr. Ortega's remains, and found that on occasion, the nodules would separate from the rectal walls, and begin to harden. The eggs would occasionally hatch, revealing an embryonic SCP-2921-2 instance inside.

In light of this discovery, Mr. Ortega's remains have been classified as SCP-2921-3, and are to be treated as a Euclid-class entity. Containment procedures of SCP-2921-2A are to remain unchanged, though further caution is advised.

Addendum 2921.1: In light of Incident 2921-1, tests on male subjects are hereby forbidden.

Addendum 2921.2: Shortly after the events of Incident 2921-1, Foundation operatives conducted an investigation of the Ortega residence, located 4 kilometers north of the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens. Under the cover of a search warrant, agents searched the property and found several more carvings resembling SCP-2921, all sealed in packages. Hidden behind a false wall in the bedroom, agents found a single golden carving also resembling SCP-2921, with a message in Latin at the base, inscribed below:

Nam meus filius dilectus. -Sybaris4

Beside this instance was a note from Saul Ortega, presumably a response to this "Sybaris."

Dearest Mother
You were right. Your offering to me was the perfect specimen. The only problem was getting there, though that zookeeper didn't put up much of a fight. Laying with the beast brought me terror, pleasure, and joy in knowing I would fulfill my duty. I've sent your charms to those others, those willing to listen, just as you requested. They will be overjoyed to be bearers of your offspring, and to hear of our success. I can feel them, alive and well, just waiting to be birthed unto this world.
I hope you are pleased. -Servus tuus5, Ortega