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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3056 is stored in Hangar-22 in Site-19. Only personnel with Level-4 or higher clearance are allowed to test on SCP-3056, Testing on SCP-3056 is prohibited to all personnel. The containment for SCP-3056 is a 1 Meter thick concrete wall on each side, it's tracks were extracted from the original location of SCP-3056, the tracks are 12 meters in length and 2 meters in width It appears to be worn down SCP-3056 requires maintenance every 6 to 12 months to ensure SCP-3056 does not break down and cause a wormhole or rift. SCP-3056 needs to be supervised by 2 members of security at all times and all movements should be immediately reported to an onsite director. The rails of SCP-3056, SCP-3056-1 are the tracks that hold SCP-3056, they do not rust.

Description: SCP-3056 appears to be a Lithuanian steam train originating from Lithuania,██████, this is known as a 19th century Lithuanian company: Kaunas Trainsis marked on SCP-3056'S front. SCP-3056 does not enable its abilities unless coal is inserted in its furnace. SCP-3056's time of manufacture and service is unknown. SCP-3056 appeared near some tracks in ██████, America. Agent ██████ was dispatched to SCP-3056 location when the locals called the Authorities reporting to have seen a train appear out of no where. When SCP-3056 has coal in it's furnace SCP-3056-1 will start moving quickly until SCP-3056 reaches 3 Kilometers per hour, It will then warp on to a selection of Lithuanian train tracks and will warp back after 12 hours on the tracks, when SCP-3056 warps it's coal will not burn out.

The only known substance that can fuel SCP-3056 is Coal.The room in SCP-3056's cabin has no furniture and appears to have a wooden frame for the walls. SCP-3056 appears indestructible after Doctor ██████ tried to remove the wallpaper in SCP-3056's cabin room. SCP-3056's brakes do not work and attempting to use them will power off SCP-3056's anomalous abilities until coal is inserted.

Addendum 3056-A: Recovery of SCP-3056 (██/██/20██)

SCP-3056 was discovered in ██████, America. Agent ██████ was dispatched to it after locals reported seeing a train appear out of nowhere. Agent ██████ requested an aerial vehicle with a winch was to be sent to SCP-3056 to lift it and transport it to Site-19. After SCP-3056 was transported to Site-19 it was placed in Hangar-22.

Research log

SCP-3056 was never tested on as it would risk exposing SCP-3056 to the public.
End log.1