R Mundy

item #: SCP-2378

Object Class: keeter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2378 is to be contained in a Heavily Soundproofed room with no lights. the room that is soundproofed must also be padded and airconditioned. SCP-2378 Must also not come into contact with any light source except for bioluminescent sources. when cleaning the cell of SCP-2378 D-Class personnel must not make Any noise above 10-decibels (normal breathing). D class personnel are also made to wear a helmet that is made up of a steel alloy to protect the thoughts of any D class personnel. the cell must be cleaned every 48 hours.
if SCP-2378's attention is drawn to you you must not move, not talk and not think about SCP-2378.
When SCP-2378 isn't hibernating, no-one enter the cell.

During testing, a Bioluminescent Bulb will be activated allowing sight of SCP-2378 and questions will be asked but during testing hours. it is recommended that employees do not go near the testing facility during these hours as well. the doors must have at least 2 guards by it wearing the same steel helmet

description:SCP-2378 is a humanoid creature with a large head that is not protected by a skull. SCP-2378 has a very dark brown skin tone and doesn't appear to be able to retain any body fat. SCP-2378 also has not genitals so therefore its sex is unidentified. SCP-2378 has large black ovaloid eyes and its nose has a downward curl

SCP-2378 was found at a broken down shack in a wooded area near [DATA EXPUNGED], canada.

SCP-2378 can kill you if you think about it, if it hears you it will focus its gaze on you then if the thought of anything that it has been associated with it (i.e: name, labels, etc.) crosses your mind it and you will appear to disintegrate until it reforms itself from its own ash. SCP-2378 often will take its victims whilst they are sleeping when their guards are lowered. tests have been made on SCP-2378 and it can understand basic human literature but lacks the ability to speak. SCP-2378 is also been tested to see exactly how It attacks and its been confirmed that it can [DATA EXPUNGED] thoughts giving it the nickname, Prolatophone.

SCP-2378-1: SCP-2378-1 is an interesting specimen. during the events of SCP-2378's killing phase, after it arises from its ash form it creates a duplicate of itself out of the other pile of ash these specimen are all different in their own way. physically and behavior wise.

SCP-2378-1a: SCP-2378-1b is an another one of the arisen. the only difference between this SCP and the Creator is that this one [DATA EXPUNGED]


SCP-2378-1c: [DATA EXPUNGED] but has found out how to speak

SCP-2378-1d:this SCP will sit for hours and hours but it will not move. we have tried several tests on SCP-2378-1d and it still will just sit there doing nothing.if you try to touch it it will preform the same death ritual that its creator SCP-2378 will preform.

FInal Notes: we have contained each of these sub SCP's and will continue to research their behavior patterns as well as SCP-2378's patterns