SCP-2578 - The Ancient Notebook
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Item #: SCP-2578

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: To be kept in a 18 meter concrete room inside a glass display case labeled "SCP-2578". Currently located in Site ██. Display case is not to be removed by hand but
by automated systems. No one is allowed within 16 meters of the object unless they are involved in testing. Observatory should be located after 16.5 meter mark and end at
the 18 meter mark. Room requires 24/7 camera surveillance while a subject is in the process of writing a story.

Description: SCP-2578 is a hard cover, 20.32cm (8in) by 12.7cm (5in) book with around 300 pages. Amount of pages changes depending on time of month.
The cover contains a golden-outlined square. The first page has a strange golden symbol that changes configuration every month.

SCP-2578 is a infohazard that affects anyone within 15 meters of it, on all planes(X,Y,Z). It causes the affected individual to walk toward the object and open it to the
first page. The golden text then glows brightly, and the subject turns to the next page. A golden pen(SCP-2578-2) materializes and drops on the second page. The subject then
picks SCP-2578-2 up and begins to write in SCP-2578. The subject writes a story about an ancient civilization (currently) unknown to the Foundation. Attempts at seeing the
story being written by camera and eye result in seeing the story being composed of almost undecipherable text1 using odd text that seem to be three dimensional
by normal perception.

Subjects that complete the story are classified as SCP-2578-3 for behavioral and mental changes. SCP-2578-3s are calmer and more prone to helping others than normal no
matter mental and behavioral state before exposure to SCP-2578. SCP-2578-3 are left "speechless" for one day after there exposure to SCP-2578. After that they start to refer
to themselves as "a carrier of old knowledge and wisdom". SCP-2578-3 appear to have a better understanding and "hold" on life. Recent research has shown that SCP-2578 can even
cure certain mental states. See Addendum for an example of this and behavioral change.

Addendum: 10/█/201█ Dr. Ryans Research Note

Subject D-1564 was exposed to SCP-2578 on 9/█/201█. Subject D-1564 was partially insane from past experimentation. Subject D-1564 was then reclassified as SCP-2578-3-5 at
██:45 P.M. on the same day. SCP-2578-3-5 showed clamed, friendly behavior. He was willing to help multiple Class-D personnel in various tasks, including ones he despised before
exposure to SCP-2578. No symptoms of his partial insanity and other mental states were found after experimentation. SCP-2578-3-5 is treated as a normal D-Class personnel until
extra anomalous behavior is noticed.