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Instances of SCP-3494-01

Item #: SCP-3494

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Majority of the area affected by SCP-3494 is currently regarded as a Nature Reserve by the Federal Government of the US. The rest is privately owned by the SCP-3494-01 community. The public is to be kept in the belief that the Reserve is too dangerous for exploration due to wildlife. Knowledge of existence of the SCP-3494-01 society by the local population is not to be suppressed, yet campaigns of misinformation are to be launched against any media coverage.

Due to an accord struck between the Foundation and the population inhabiting SCP-3494, SCP-3494-01 entities will display general indisposition and refusal of communication towards any visitors. The lack of hospitality, aversion and unkind disposition towards foreigners proved to be effective in the majority of intrusions.

Individuals trespassing into the zone affected by SCP-3494 are to be monitored. Detainment and amnesticization are to be applied only if the said individual has experienced the phenomenon.
At least two Foundation agents are to be embedded in the community affected by SCP-3494 at all times.1 No Foundation personnel is to be inside the influence zone for a period of time greater than three months after attaining the third stage.
A response team composed of no less than ten agents is to be stationed at all times in the G██████ M█████ automobile factory2 in case of a Stage Five incident. The team is to be supplied with firearms and heavy ear protection.

Description: SCP-3494 is an antimemetic hazard present in a circular area of roughly 5km in diameter present in the state of Indiana, US. The zone is inhabited by a miniscule Amish community, currently counting 1██ individuals.
The anomaly causes human subjects to commit linguistic and syntactic errors varying in severity proportionally to the time spent inside the influence zone. There are four five stages of the effect - the first three are temporal and the fourth and fifth is permanent. None of the symptoms are noticed by the affected individual.
SCP-3494-01 is the designation of persons affected with the fourth or fifth stage. There are currently 1██ SCP-3494-01 entities. These entities are not allowed to leave the anomaly zone and since 1954 there were only █ attempts at breaching containment. The SCP-3494-01 specimens are largely self-contained due to the nature of the Amish society.

Stage one: Present after 2 to 4 days of exposition to the anomaly. The subject starts to make minor errors during pronunciation and the accent is slightly distorted. In this stage the subject is still aware of the symptoms displayed by other affected individuals, even those that too are in the first stage. Most of the affected are still comprehensible in their speech. Symptoms dissipate moments after the subject leaves the influence zone.
Stage two: Present after 7 to 10 days since stage one. The subject starts to substitute certain vowels and consonants with ones that are vaguely similar to each other to the point of being incomprehensible. If an utterance contains short words in a succession they are fused together and pronounced as a single word. The subjects repeat some words over and over, the stress pattern of syllables is completely disregarded. The accent is noticeably different. At this stage the subject does not seem to be aware of the anomalous effect and perceives the effects of all the stages as completely normal speech. The effect dissipates after 5 to 7 days spent outside the anomaly.
Stage three: Present after a month to three months since stage two. Characterised by complete inversion or heavy distortion of syntactic structures used during natural speech. At this point a subject is completely incomprehensible. An analysis of recordings shows that the speech still has its own structure, albeit alien and incoherent when compared to the structure of normal speech. The effect dissipates after roughly a month outside the zone of influence.
Stage four: Present after four to six months since stage three. The subject is now considered an SCP-3494-01 entity as the stage is permanent. During this stage the entity loses the ability to produce any kind of speech patterns. The communication of the entities is composed of purely random sounds that the human speech apparatus is able to produce.
Stage five: The time needed for an individual to reach this stage is unknown. From 1954 to 20██ there were only █ instances of an entity reaching the stage. At this point, the SCP-3494-01 becomes the centre of a phenomenon known as SCP-3494-02.

SCP-3494-02 is a spacial anomaly present in a circular area starting at roughly 500m in diameter. The anomaly expands at a rate of [DATA EXPUNGED]. The sounds produced by the vocal organs of Stage Five SCP-3494-01 specimen manifest at the outer ear of every person encased in the zone, including those affected by the first three stages of SCP-3494. SCP-3494-01 specimens inside the zone feel the uncontrollable need to socialize and will gather in a single location to communicate with each other despite inconveniences. These range from a late time of day to an SCP-3494-01 instance previously known to be paralyzed from the waist down standing up and heading to the gathering point.
The sounds and the sound pressure produced by the specimens at this time are randomized, going beyond the possibilities of the human vocalization apparatus. They ranged from The Biblical Genesis recited in ~15dB, thirty seconds of Mongolian throat singing in ~50dB to ~190dB first four seconds of Rule Britannia or ~150dB sound of several gunshots.